Atakari Ski Center Has Started Skiing Season

Ski Season Started in Atabarı Ski Center: The new ski season started in Atabarı Ski Center, which was built in Mersin Province by Artvin Governorship.

After snowfall in the region, the snow thickness reached approximately 1,5 meters and the ski resort was flooded by ski lovers at the weekend.

Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin, Provincial Garrison Commander, Colonel Mehmet Kip, Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Mustafa Çelik, Police Chief Husrev Salmaner, Youth and Sports Services Director Bahattin Yetim, Disaster and Emergency Director Mehmet Salih Avcı also visited the center of the Kayam.

The ski slope was corrected and hardened with the tracked snow vehicle of the Directorate of Youth and Sports Services by the direction of Governor Cirit and made it suitable for skiing. Forest Regional Directorate teams opened the road to the ski center, which is about 16 kilometers away from the city center, to vehicle traffic, allowing ski lovers to reach the region easily.

Governor Cirit, by wearing ski suits Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate with the help of ski instructors took ski lessons.

Governor Cirit, who met with the ski lovers coming to the ski center for a while, said that Artvin, which welcomes many local and foreign visitors with its fresh air and green nature in the summer, will work to become the favorite of ski lovers in the winter.

Expressing that the city has a different beauty every season, Governor Cirit said, “The ski center, which is approximately 40 minutes away from the center of Artvin and reached through snowy roads between snow-covered spruce trees, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent view. in terms of snow quality and the natural beauty of the area where the ski center recently we believe will be among the most important ski centers in Turkey, "he said.

Stating that they will open the new season with an amazing organization they will organize soon as Artvin Governorate, Cirit said, “We will invite officials from the surrounding provinces, especially the Artvin residents, and the neighboring country, the Autonomous Republic of Acara, to our opening. Together, we will ski at Atabarı Ski Center and introduce our city. ”

Governor Javelin, the region covered with trees, nature enthusiasts in any way to avoid facing the danger of avalanches, recording the safety of the ski center is also noted that the attention, he added.