Unknown Ski Resorts in Turkey

karacadag ski resort
karacadag ski resort

📩 28/05/2020 10:44

ski resorts in Turkey is unknown: Tour Operators Period SözcüPolatoğlu s Cem, said that he preferred accommodations in the center of the 51 ski abroad no more than 30 years despite kayaksever Turkey.

A Polatoğlu in statements to reporters, although the snow quality of the track in Turkey in terms of the world's better than the most important centers abroad of the knowledge of the preference of the facility and the price was stated that due to the high. Ski resorts in Turkey denince Bursa-Uludag, Bolu- Kartalkaya and Erzurum -Palandöken Noting that come to mind Polatoğlu, outside these three centers that more of the 48 plants in Turkey, 50 new center more projects and said that was under construction.

Last year, Turkey Travel Agencies Union (TÜRSAB) depending on travel to ski with the agents had gone 30 thousand people abroad, any tour company with much more than that tells Polatoğlu number of those who go, "Uludag, Kartalkaya and Palandöken outside 48 ski more there is. Since these are unknown, the prices in these 3 centers have tripled during the semester break, and the ski lovers go on holiday abroad for a week, including a one-night price.

Ski Resorts in Turkey

enough to know the the the to prefer overseas of Kayaksever Turkey plant and noted that results from the very high price in the known plant Cem Polatoğlu, "Every year, tens of thousands of travelers going abroad by spending millions of euros to Turkey for skiing. Last year, only 3 Turkish ski lovers went to Courchevel. With an average of 500 thousand Euros per person, more than 3 million Euros of foreign currency flowed to France. "10 Turkish ski lovers went to Bulgaria, which has the cheapest ski resorts abroad, where the average weekly tour price is 300 Euros."

Polatoğlu, Uludag the most well-known ski resorts in Turkey, is Kartalkaya and Palandöken, attention in high demand due to the 3 included flights in Bulgaria with center per night for a week vacation may be done by pulling, "doing domestic tourists vacation plans according to the period when schools are on holiday. Ski resorts are most in demand during the semester break. One-night reservations are made for 600 liras for the semester break in Uludağ and Kartalkaya. In Bulgaria, one week's reservations are made from 300 Euros including the road. ”

Turkey's potential for hosting large ski tourism, despite the many cities that have enough presence of slopes and lifts expressing Polatoğlu accommodations, ski tourism in Turkey's biggest advantage is said that the quality of the snow. Polatoğlu pointed out that the snow was falling in the form of dust in ski centers such as Erzurum Palandöken, Kars Sarıkamış, Kayseri Erciyes and added, “Since soft snow turns into ice after a while, it is necessary to throw new snow on the runway. Skiers do not prefer ice-cold slopes. It is preferred because there is no icing on snow falling into powder. It can compete with the facilities in the Alpine Mountains if it supports these snow quality facilities ”.

May they prefer city hotels

Turkey is in the ski centers in almost every region, Polatoğlu said the centers have the opportunity to stay in a large section of the city hotels cheaper rather than stay at hotels in the ski resorts of paying high costs of kayaksever suggested to prefer. Polatoğlu mentioned that most of the ski centers are a few kilometers outside the city center and said:

“It is known that there is only one Palandöken as a ski center in Erzurum. However, there are two other high quality ski resorts in Erzurum. It is possible to benefit from these facilities by staying in the city hotel for 2-20 lira per night. Likewise, it is possible to go by a few minutes by car in Kayseri, Erzincan, Bingöl and Bitlis city hotels.