Ski enthusiasm in the Palandöken ski resort

enthusiasm for skiing in Palandöken ski center, ski lovers this year, who knows most of the early ski season opened at the weekend in Erzurum deals Palandöken Ski flocked to the track in Turkey.

ERZURUM - entered service two years ago, one of Turkey's major ski resorts in Palandöken five-star Xanadu Snow White Hotel has opened its new season with night skiing. Xanadu Snow White Hotel, which starts the season in the first week of December every year, made 2 kilometers of special tracks ready for skiing thanks to the system that made artificial snow after the snowfall last week. Season with night skiing 'hello' he Xanadu Snow White Hotel, guests were entertained by a four Palandöken from Turkey. Tourists, who took advantage of the weekend holiday today, enjoyed skiing.

Xanadu Hotel Administrative Affairs Manager Ömer Akca stated that they aimed to make Palandöken an important brand. All security measures taken striking Akca, "Xanadu Snow White Hotel, Turkey FIS carries with international safety standards (Federation Internationale de Ski) has approved only private ski slopes. Thanks to the snowmaking system became the first ski season opens facilities in Turkey. We make profit from the 30 thousand cubic meter capacity pond at the top of the mountain with a special system. Thanks to this, 13 percent of the 80 kilometers long runways have snow. Thus, we increase the ski season up to 150 days. Approximately 35 thousand of the guests who came to Xanadu last year skied. As Xanadu Snow White, we want to make Palandöken a brand. This season snow tubing, developed Penguin Kids Club and new tracks were put into service. I believe we will have the most successful new season, ”he said.

While the ski courses start in Palandöken, the children who enjoy skiing today say, “This place is very beautiful. Skiing is also very enjoyable, ”they said.

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