China subway security control starts on planes

Security checks begin in the Chinese subway, just like airplanes: In Beijing, the capital city of China, passengers are now under security checks.
Due to increased security concerns, two metro stations in Beijing's historic Tiananmen Square have been reported to be subject to security checks, such as top search. According to the state media, this practice will be started as a pilot and can be applied at other stations according to the results. In the present application, passengers who were going to take the metro were just passing their next items to the X-Ray device.
In other news, the Beijing government plans to increase the prices of subway tickets. In the current application, the 2 yuanlik (0,3 TL) ticket could travel on the 16 subway line in the city without leaving the station. People generally prefer the metro in Beijing, where the traffic congestion becomes unbearable especially during business hours. Although the metro is unbearable in the morning and evening hours, the public generally prefers to use the metro because there is no risk of being late for work or home. The management plans to raise ticket prices to 8-4 yuana (5 TL) in order to reduce the peaks in the busy hours in Beijing, where 6 or even 1 million passengers are transported daily. Accordingly, in the morning between 06: 30-09: 00 hours, the evening of the 16: 30-19: 00 hours between the high price is envisaged.
The Beijing government had made 2012 billion yuan (17,5 billion dollars) subsidy for the metro in 2.88.


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