Sochi city of Russia was included in the list of most convenient destinations for winter tourism

Sochi city of Russia is on the list of the most convenient destinations for winter tourism: According to the information provided by TripAdvizor portal, it is only in Bulgaria that it is less expensive for holiday and skiing than in Sochi. However, experts emphasize that Sochi is unique in the case of the addition of a brand new infrastructure, rich hotel option and high holiday quality at a low price.

Sochi, on the Black Sea coast, owes its ski resorts to the center of the winter holidays. The newest, the oyun Roza Hutor or ski resort, which was opened only 3 years ago, will host the Olympic games at February 2014. Aleksandr Belokobilskiy, Managing Director of edi Roza Hutor sınav said that his Olympics would be the final test and that the ski center was ready for this exam:

E Our center is capable of accepting 10.500 per day. 18 cable cars and 90 kilometers of ski slopes with different levels of difficulty are offered to our guests. Konuk

Apart from daha Roza Hutor “, there are also several other resorts in the mountains near Sochi. Ski-pass, tool rental, accommodation in one of the many hotels, hearty breakfasts, lunch, dinner and alcoholic drinks, each tourist only costs 220 dollars. You need to pay 685 dollars for all these services in the resort town of Saint-Moritz in Switzerland. But most importantly, this holiday may be cheaper after the Olympics. Ilya Umanskiy, Head of Internal Tourism Committee of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, said:

Iz Accommodation fees may fall in the near future and we can get a more budget holiday. When it comes to fees for other services such as ski-pass, it is the average wage level in Europe, it is neither more expensive nor cheaper than the services in many holiday resorts. Ski

The new transportation infrastructure can also help to save money. There are three ways to reach all holiday centers from Sochi: you can rent a car, take a bus or take the train. One hour's journey by comfortable train from the airport to the mountain slopes is considered one of the European records. Ticket fee, 15-20 sent.

Sochi became one of Russia's sporting centers. On the slopes of the “Roza Hutor inde ski slopes, international competitions are held at the international level. If you go down from the mountains to the Black Sea coast, you can see the events of the Olympic Skating, Curling and Hockey.