Railway Stories Exhibition with Serkant Hekimci

Serkant Hekimci and Railway Stories Exhibition: Serkant Hekimci, whom we tried to introduce you in the series of Turkish Nikon interviews, and then hosted in the guest photographer series, will meet the photographers with his first exhibition in the Istanbul Photography Museum. 19 2013 on 18 December 30: The 3 will start at 19 and will be visited during the month and will end on 2014 March XNUMX.
The artist, who previously had two major exhibitions in Ukraine and Russia, exhibited his 58 photograph at the exhibition in the Crimea called gerçekleştir A Moment Of Clarity ise, and his second exhibition with the name ity Istanbul da was made with a photograph of 100 in St Petersburg.
Railway Stories with Serkant Hekimci 19 will be at Istanbul Photography Museum in December. Please find below the announcement text in Turkish.
Photographs' narration of the subject chosen by the memory of the memories accumulated in his mind, coincidence or comes to a moment when the images come into a story tells us tells. Sometimes photographs give viewers the opportunity to create their own stories. The value of the work of art can also be measured by the ability to share this feeling with the viewer.
Photographer Serkant Hekimci shares his stories about the trains, stations, railroads that are in his life since his childhood in his la Railway Stories Fotoğrafçı project. Trains, stations, rails and the usual passengers of these lines become a story in Serkant Hekimci's viewfinder. From her childhood onwards, the photographer conducted a preliminary study of the spaces and shooting angles that transformed the photographic stories she found into suburbic lines. He worked during the winter months, especially considering the possibilities that light would provide him. This work, which was previously thought but included in randomness, also carries cinemographic elements.
Between 2007 and 2009 Halkalı - work in the Sirkeci commuter line, with the work completed in a similar 2012 -2013 year in Russia, Serkant Hekimc opens his first personal exhibition in Turkey in Istanbul Photography Museum. We would like to thank Serkant Hekimci for sharing stories of people and journeys from two different geographies and creating new stories within us.

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