Pushed button for crazy project!

The button for the crazy project was pressed! Channel Istanbul and 3. airport button will be established for the new Istanbul button was pressed. The evacuation of the mines in the region and the expropriation notices in the villages began to go.
3 to Istanbul. between the airport and the Black Sea and the Marmara 2. throat opening projects with the agenda for 'New Istanbul' was moved. According to the news of Erhan Öztürk from Sabah newspaper, the expropriation notices have been reached to 5 villages within the scope of Kanal İstanbul project. The 7 mining company in the project area was also sent to dump the land in the 3 month.
News on "Environment and Urban Planning Ministry's instructions, Turkey's leading project of one of the company prepared by 44 kilometers in length and" scope Canal Istanbul "project, work continues uninterrupted at the airport axle with two cities will be built on 325 thousand acres. Especially expropriation processes were accelerated. Milten Holding has been granted permissions to both the i Kanal Istanbul 'and the airport project, and has been working for a long time. Permission was also applied to the plans of Arnavutköy Municipality. Written posts in the villages within the airport project ”said.
When the projects were announced according to the news, while the land prices in the region were ceilinging, the proposed expropriation costs were disappointing. The news provided information about expropriation, routes and projects:
“The letter sent with the signature of TOKI Istanbul Real Estate Department Head Ali Seydi Karaoğlu since the beginning of November stated the following:“ The real estate owned by real and private legal entities within the borders of the village of Yeniköy in Arnavutköy district, was approved by the Prime Ministry on 6 May 2013. It was decided to be expropriated on behalf of ...
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, some 49 rented for the year and coal explored, mine exploration of the land, 7 company, 'empty' has been sent to the notice said. The costs of the companies at the mining sites were determined and their costs were deducted. Ministerial officials who list the costs one by one, "3 evacuate the fields within the month," he will say.
'Kanal Istanbul' route will take place on the axis of Yeniköy-Sazlidere Dam-Arnavutkoy-Basaksehir-Kucukcekmece Lake. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization related to the reserve areas to be established in the region, 4 in March, DSI, TOKI, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Channel Istanbul project will send a letter to the Küçükçekmece, Arnavutköy and Başakşehir municipalities to send the work on the route 50-100 annual approach to the ministry of their work had requested. According to the information received from the ministry, the button was pressed for a hundred thousand scale zoning plan.
The most important reason for the Ministry to choose this route is the fact that the land near the 80 of the land belongs to the treasury. Thus, the cost of expropriation and other costs will be lower. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan 's project announced before the local elections held in 2009, Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, Kucukcekmece, Bagcilar, Esenler, Gungoren, Gaziosmanpasa risk of high-risk areas such as the risk will be reduced.
Kır Those living in Yeniköy, Akpınar, Ağaçlı, Tayakadın and İhsaniye villages within the airport project were very disappointed to see that the square meter price of the land was determined between 22 and 55 TL. Yeniköy, which is one of the villages where most of the land will be expropriated, went to the household near the 400. Prime Minister Erdogan announced in the 2011 'Channel Istanbul' and '3' airport after the projects in the region that draws attention to the ceiling prices Yenikoy Mukhtar Timur Cevik said:
Değerlendir 5 village headman and other village headmen staying in the airport project come together and evaluate the situation. We are neither against the project nor against the state. We just want our rights. When the project was first explained, the square meter prices of the land were going to 450-TL on the coast in 500-250. At that time, no one sold in the thought that 'prices are more'. We will file a lawsuit against the Gaziosmanpaşa Civil Court of First Instance on the ground that the costs are low. Gazi
Küçükçekmece-Başakşehir-Arnavutköy line of the 'crazy project', the 3'in airport is located on the Black Sea axis is a giant port, Airport City, as well as on both sides of the channel luxury residences, residences, financial centers, villas in the woods, viewing terraces , training areas will also be included in the project. The construction of the 3 bridge starts from Arnavutköy-Karaburun axis and connects to Thrace from the Çatalca area.
In the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports, half of the excavation of 5 billion cubic meters, which will be released during the construction works of the project, was calculated to be used in the filling of the airport project. One of the most important reasons for choosing the region is to include the Küçükçekmece Lake and the Sazlıdere Dam. In the 44 kilometer area of ​​21, a serious excavation work will be carried out.

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