Prosecutor puts Istanbul in danger

The Prosecutor has put Kanal İstanbul in danger: It was learned that Kanal İstanbul's secret-kept plans were also included in the computer confiscated in the search for the Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage.
All the details of the operations in Istanbul leaked the details of the prosecutor's office leaked the project details.
17 December's operation in the second wave of '100 billion-dollar corruption was made' claim to the fallacy. In the new operation, Turkey's 2023 started to be built under the objectives of the project are to be taken into custody plaster businessmen arm to realize desired, Prime Minister Erdogan 'operation is being done internationally to Turkey' thesis justified.
100 LOSS
After long periods of interest again to double-digit interest rates of the nation's Treasury and the cost of borrowing billions of dollars in the days of the operation that continues to bring the dollar from 2,02 to 2,21 TL, Euro from 2,56 to 3 TL jumped. During the operation, which caused the increase in the current account deficit as a result of the rise of the exchange rate, the stock market dropped by 12 thousand points. Shares dropped by $ 1 billion. 80 of the economy of the small business in the country, fuel and energy prices aiming to raise the price of the collapse of the operation, will cause inflation to diminish. It was calculated that the total daily loss of 99 found 10 billion TL as a result of the attempts of the external outbreaks by using the internal extensions.
It turned out that the anti-terrorism prosecutor wanted to arrest the local businessmen as a terrorist suspect and put the gendarmerie in service when it failed. 7 30 people who have more than 41 people were present in the detention list where the businessman was asked to be arrested with the request of a measure.
The common feature of Operations exposure is currently blocked businessmen, Turkey's projects have passed 2023 3 life. The airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, started to realize critical investments linking Anatolian cities and Istanbul.
by the prosecutor conducting the operation, the media company that manages the operation of the media arm and twitter account in the prisoner list, which is served within the second businessmen, both domestic and in total employs the 150 thousand citizens of Turkey in hundreds of companies abroad. Operations media, high-speed rail, construction, energy, bridges and roads, such as investments that contribute to the real economy by collecting the revenue figures at the bottom of the '100 billion dollars corruption was' reached the lie drew attention.
The statement made by TCDD, the organization's thousands of different jobs for the last 10 thousands of different companies working with the work, '5-10 jobs are made to the company, they share the work of their claims is not real. Media decided by the court and TCDD in the tender applied by the tender continues to search 'said.
Celal Koloğlu, member of the board of directors of İNTES and Kolin Construction, recently rebelled against the claims and the procedures to be initiated. I am in Ankara, claimed to be associated with the business in Istanbul. No legal information, no documents reaching me until now. I'm reading from the internet sites, from here. I have no interest in the issues mentioned there, "he said. 3. Contractor of the airport LİMAK Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir, 'the detention was not in question, such as the situation said,' he said. The other member of the consortium, Cengiz Construction's boss, Mehmet Cengiz said that they have not yet received an arrest warrant. Sources say that a letter has been sent to the land registry offices and banks to which the related companies are affiliated. If the project is expected to be the largest airport in the world with the capacity of 150 million passengers, many airports in Europe will lose their feature of being an international flight network, mainly in the airport of Franskfurt.
IC Holding Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Chechen, 'Turkuaz Media Group in the hands of the written and visual media organs for the purchase of Ibrahim Chechen 100 million dollars, the allegations that the lie, is a lie, groundless' he said. In his written statement, Chechen stated: 'There have been recent news about myself on some websites, social media, written and visual media, which are totally unfounded, based on no concrete information or documents. The allegations that Ibrahim Chechen paid 100 million dollars for the purchase of the written and visual media organs of the Turkuaz Media Group in the mentioned media are allegations of lying, unfounded and inadmissible claims. There is. I would also like to state specifically that all income, expenses and payments belonging to me and our companies are kept officially in accordance with the law. We will continue to carry on our activities in accordance with laws and business ethics as before. E
During the Gezi protests, the protesters were asked to stop the giant projects and the prosecutor asked to do so. Istanbul 3. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Construction Co. Joint Venture Group, which won the tender for the airport, was preparing to start the 22 billion 152 million euro bid. The businessmen Nihat Özdemir, Cemal Kalyoncu and Mehmet Cengiz, 3. In the period they were seeking financing for the airport, they were confronted with an operation shock.

Source: New Dawn

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