Yazıcı: We will connect London to Beijing with Silk Road project

Yazıcı: We will connect London to Beijing with the Silk Road project. Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı, stating that they are doing their best to build the Middle Corridor, said, “With the project we will complete in 2014, a train departing from London will take the Marmaray and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway to Beijing from Aktau Port in the Caspian Sea. We aim to make it possible to go as far as. " said. The printer Southern Corridor as by commissioning Turkey and said they would respond significantly to Europe's energy demand.
Caspian Strategy Institute (HASEN) brought together the world's leading energy companies at the Caspian Forum. The Minister of Customs and Trade Yazıcı also attended the opening of the forum covering the dates of 4-5 December. Speaking here, Yazıcı pointed out that the energy network and the transportation corridor are connecting countries and cities, and stated that common wisdom and practices will increase trade and prosperity. million individuals reside.
National income also exceeds $ 20 trillion. This figure is one fourth of the world national income. Countries with a coast to the Caspian Sea also hold 12 percent of the world's oil deposits and 4 of the natural gas deposits. on behalf of the European transporting the increased resources of this region on the basis of Turkey's prominent location. " Referring to the importance of energy supply security, Yazıcı said; “Studies indicate that the world's energy needs will increase by 2030 percent in 60. Studies conducted by Europe also reveal that European energy demand will increase by 20 percent in 45 years. In the field of natural gas, the import dependency of the European Union countries, which is currently 51 percent, will increase to 2020 percent in 70. This situation opens up the need for new supply sources for discussion.
In Turkey, 73 percent of the oil resources of the surrounding Asian countries, has 72 percent of its natural gas resources. This region with energy imports each year 300 billion-consuming European country Turkey connecting to each other. "Southern Corridor and Central Corridor project from mentioning Customs and Trade Minister, made the following statement:" The transfer of goods produced in the Caspian important. In this sense, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), the main channel for the Southern Corridor region's energy resources, is really important. It offers a route that will connect Europe with Caspian resources. Europe and Turkey's large energy demands of the project is estimated to download.
Certainly, TANAP is the touchstone for the implementation of the Southern Corridor. On the other hand, Marmaray connects the Asian and European continents with a tunnel under the Bosphorus. We are building the Central Corridor, which is known as the modern Silk Road, which connects Asia and Europe with both land and iron. In this context, we took the base of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line with Azerbaijan and Georgia. project, which we expect to complete the xnumx't with expeditiously implement gayretindeyiz.b project a train will depart from London, Marmaray and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars in the Caspian Sea by rail without interruption from Aktau port connection, we aim to make it possible to go to Beijing. In fact, the Middle Corridor is not a simple transportation project.
This project that will realize a century-old dream; We aim to increase the trade of the countries on both sides of the Caspian and to strengthen the communication of our peoples. Er Yazıcı stated that the Silk Road countries are exporting 4,2 trillion dollars, making 4,4 trillion imports, and having an important place in the world. Turkey has announced that it increased 33 percent of its exports to these countries. The printer will increase trade with the Caspian Forum and added that the customs administrations on the Silk Road line will become harmonious. Shahmar Movsumov, head of the Azerbaijan State Oil Fund (SOFAZ), stressed that they are based on transparency in production and trade. Movsumov explained that there are common fields of activity in the field of energy.

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