The owner of the land that was subject to the Marmaray operation spoke

The owner of the plot subject to the Marmaray operation spoke: Cemal Akmercan's brother Gazi Akmercan responded to the allegations through Radikal: se If our family has ever offered money to anyone, we hang ourselves on the narrow tree. ”
One of the reasons for the detention of Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir and the protection board authorities was the allegation that they were given illegal permission to build a hotel on the plot in the 4 plot in Sirkeci, Sirkeci, which corresponded to the route of the Marmaray tunnels. Some members of the iron and protection board, as well as the owner of the land Cemal Akmercan is still in custody.
Gazi Akmercan, the brother of Cemal Akmercan, who is also mentioned in the investigation file, responded to the allegations through the newspaper Radikal. According to the news signed by Serkan Ocak, Mr. Akmercan stated that they purchased the land a year ago and said: sat Our architect has applied to Fatih Municipality. The municipality said that they would not be allowed permission from Marmaray and DHL. The project we prepared has been approved by the regional directorate of Marmaray once the 2-3 has been revised. Then we applied to the protection board. We were just at this stage. Fatih Municipality has not yet given a permit. 4 is the 2 floors hotel where newspapers are in the days, claims such as the presence of historical artifacts. This is an empty land. If we have offered any money to our family so far, we will hang ourselves in the narrow tree. We're embarrassed about what we're being accused of. In Turkey, as the number of projects in the natural gas distribution, numerical sense 3. We rank. These topics we talk about are very subtle. Very immoral. Those who produce it are not human children. Bunu
Mr. Akmercan's company lawyer Doğan Kocabey, who is the owner of Sirkeci's land area of ​​approximately 1300, summed up the operations: az Cemal Akmercan bought the land in February at 2011. The value in the deed is 3.5 million TL. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has plans about the region 1 / 5 thousand. This plot is mentioned as a tourism area in the background. After consulting with many architectural companies, we agreed to carry out the operations on our behalf with Arci Architecture. He is responsible for the preparation of the project and obtaining the license. First, an application was made to Fatih Municipality. However, DHL Marmaray Regional Directorate and protection committee were asked to get the appropriate opinion. L
Lawyer Kocabey, Fatih Municipality did not get permission to explain the operations as follows: ediy An application was made to Marmaray. The response from Marmaray 5 December 2012 came. It was said that construction continued and no such permission could be granted. The protection board was also used. The protection board also wrote an answer in December 2012 and stated that it was necessary to get permission from Marmaray. After the construction is completed, the project is revised and re-applied. This time Marmaray wants a review from the universities for a technical review. The 3 lecturer from Yildiz Technical University unanimously gives a 'suitable' report. 12 In October, the 20-page report states that the construction will not harm Marmaray if the construction of a small part of the land corresponding to the tunnels will be waived, provided that the ground is strengthened and the basement floor is reduced. X
Lawyer Kocabey, 3 floor under the floor of the hotel in the first floor, the floor is in the 5 floor, but under the ground, under the floor 1.5, 5 floor as the ground floor again determined. Kocabey, ci Marmaray's 4 November 2013 according to these conditions, the positive opinion of the construction of the hotel could not be reached to the investigation did not reach the investigation. During our interrogation, we will explain this and present the documents. After the opinion of Marmaray, an application was made to the protection board. However, no decision has been made yet. The process remained at this stage.




    1. cemal akmercan and everyone in the group akmercan properly people, and I'm sure they will do anything wrong as soon as I'm sure .. sooner and later everything will be revealed and I will be proven innocent in my belief that I believe.