The boy who was hit by a train in Osmaniye survived miraculously

The child who was hit by the train in Osmaniye miraculously survived: 3-year-old Zeynep Nazlı Gök, who wanted to go to her father, who was grazing animals near the train tracks in OSMANİYE, was hit by a train. Police and medical teams, who were sent to the scene upon the notification of the mechanic who did not stop after the accident, which the father did not notice, found little Zeynep in serious injury.
The accident occurred at around 15.30 in Yaverpaşa District. Father Mustafa Gök went to the land opposite the railway line passing near their house to graze the sheep and goats. Allegedly, 3-year-old Zeynep Nazlı, who was playing at home and wanted to go to her father's side, was hit by the freight train from Osmaniye in the direction of Toprakkale while trying to pass the rails.
After the accident, Machinist Orhan O. called 155 while he was on his way and said 'I think I hit a child'. Police found Zeynep Nazlı Gök injured in her search. Zeynep, who was taken to Osmaniye State Hospital by ambulance, was transferred to Adana Çukurova University Balcalı Hospital after her first intervention because of her life-threatening condition.
While an investigation into the accident was initiated, Orhan O. went to the Toprakkale District Police Department and made a statement.



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