Metrobus free to death

Free metrobus to death: Journey to death on E-5… Passengers crossing the highway instead of the overpass to get on the metrobus for free invite catastrophic accident. Has anyone seen these irresponsible people endangering both themselves and drivers for a few pounds?
For how many days, we are talking about the danger posed by minibus drivers, public bus drivers, truckers, how they endangered road safety and how they hurt the nation. What about accidents, disasters, pedestrians and passengers using public transport have no share in our agenda? And how do you have…
And today I will show you a striking example of the irresponsibility of pedestrians. Please see this above photo E-5 Highway CevizliTaken in the vineyard location. An Istanbulite named Erol Kara captured the journey to his death in E-5. In an hour when the vehicles are buzzing, a citizen crosses the highway. Actually, he is trying to reach the metrobus stop. You will say, 'There is an overpass to reach the station.' Yes, but this citizen, who thinks he is awake, prefers to go directly to the station from the highway in order not to walk on the overpass and pass the turnstile and not to pay for the metrobus. By putting both itself and the drivers in danger ...
According to our reader who shot this image, similar scenes are often experienced, for free travel, traveling to the death in E-5 for a few liras. Since there is such a fact, if an invitation is issued for a catastrophic accident for a few pennies, then it is obligatory to call the officials to duty in order to be inspected here and punish these irresponsible people ...



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