Marmaray Transportation to Nautilus Shopping Center

it was clear why marmara was closed
it was clear why marmara was closed

📩 02/03/2019 14:15

Transportation to Nautilus Shopping Center Marmaray: One KadıköyNautilus Shopping Center is a shopping center that I have visited quite a lot. Recently, when I went to Nautilus Shopping Center, I realized that Marmaray's last stop is in Nautilus.

The transportation system of the century! I had not used Marmaray yet, and I was not very curious about the truth. But I realized something was now connected with Nautilus and Üsküdar Marmaray.

In other words, after passing from Beşiktaş to Üsküdar by motor or ferry, you can reach Nautilus from Üsküdar in 4 minutes by Marmaray. This means that after 15 minutes, you can be in the Nautilyus shopping center from Beşiktaş. Although Marmaray's Sirkeci stop is currently not working, Marmaray offers a very fast transportation opportunity from the Anatolian side to the European side.

Frankly, I will definitely use Marmaray to go to Üsküdar! Also, when Sirkeci stop opens, I am sure that Marmaray will carry a lot of people across. (Especially on foggy days, people will use it when the ferry is not working in the morning of Istanbul)

My eyes:
- Marmaray Nautilus Stop is open air. (The subway starts outside then goes underground)
- Nautilus Stop - Kartal Kadıköy Connected to the metro line (transfer possible)
- A total of 5 stops in Marmaray are currently not working Sirkeci Stop.
- It is not clear exactly which way the subway will go inside the stops (I saw a lot of people asking the officers there which way to go which way)
- There is no information showing which direction you are going in the subway. (It says MARMARAY but does not write Kazlıçeşme or Ayrilik Çeşme direction)
- There is no announcement or an ENGLISH sign stating that he will not stop in Sirkeci.

Map of Marmaray

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