Mus Ski Center is ready for winter tourism

Muş Ski Center is ready for winter tourism: Muş Youth Services and Sports Manager Ali Kartal, all the shortcomings of the Muş Ski Center, said the issue is not in question, said. Skiing area was expanded last year and snowfall will be opened when the desired level of service, said Kartal, a new tender of social facilities, said.

Providing information about the activities in the ski center, Youth Services and Sports Manager Kartal stated that they want to prepare this ski slope for the future even though the ski slope sees the current need. Kartal said, “We want to expand the area of ​​this place. The new social facility was already tendered and company officials said they would do the necessary work. For this, we talked to company officials. During the ski season, they will complete all kinds of work, from hot tea to dinner and from the ski team and other equipment. Our citizens who have already come here do not doubt that they will have a comfortable ski and a nice service. ” said.

Reminding that the necessary maintenance and repairs were done at Muş Ski Center, Kartal said, ız With the instructions of our governor, all necessary preparations for winter tourism and training of our skiers will be completed as of this week. Erzurum Palandöken, Erciyes, such as ski facilities in this season, the service was delayed snow Muş. At the moment there is no shortage of our facility, both the social facility and the ski slope are ready. We expect only the desired level of snowfall. Seviy

Youth Services and Sports Manager Ali Kartal in the ski center, snow crushing machine and other equipment, snow thickness required to reach the desired level of crushing work will be done.