Motorway and high-speed train project will change the face of Bursan

Motorway and high-speed train project will change the face of Bursan: Bursa Governor Munir Karaloglu, Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway with the completion of the Osmaneli-Bursa high-speed train project in Bursa now said nothing would be the same.
Culturemaker Altınceylan met with journalists in Retoran Governor Munir Karaloğlu, Bursa, made statements about the objectives. High-speed train and the highway project, the use of agricultural land, the latest state of the art, history of modern Turkey, one of the largest projects İstanbul-Bursa-Izmir the highway with Osmaneli-Istanbul high-speed train project of the environmental organization plans to switch on the front of the direction of the city, one to determine whether what's given to the city they said they did research. Expressing that nothing will be the same in Bursa, Karaloğlu said, ağ Once the highway and high-speed railway line is finished, nothing will be the same as before in Bursa. As city dynamics, we must be prepared for the results of these two investments. If we don't, this city without plan, program and project will continue to develop. We try to dress him up. There is no problem in the project. He's going in front of what's planned. 2015 's March in the Golden Age between the Bursa ring road, 2015 end of the gulf transition with the full Bursa-Istanbul highway is aimed to use. The road between Bursa and Izmir will continue for a while. It could hang on to 2018. Istanbul is more of an interest to us, en he said.
Explaining that the agricultural land is a great fortune for Bursa Karaloglu, continued:
Tur There is no substitution of the soil. Unprepared desperation was used as an industrial area for agricultural lands unconscious. What the highway takes and what to take is an effort to protect the land. There is no emphasis on direct land, but if you think that your industry will be under pressure, then you need to prepare new areas without agricultural land. We can't say this city is full of industry. We don't have the luxury to say that. This city has goals. 500 is a billion dollars in exports but with investment and production. Bursa has to increase investment and production. We have to reconcile these two things. Our industry will protect our absolute soil. Not so easy. It is very difficult, but it is not a work that cannot be accomplished. If we see the pressure of the new highway and the high-speed train and do not take measures in advance, we are afraid. Yenişehir, Karacabey and MKP goes. Livestock is developing in Yenişehir. We have to clear the way for our industrialist not to lose. Industrialists 'here, but the industry can do' can say. Ic
Karaloğlu noted that the high-speed train line works with full speed, and he emphasized that they will even examine the Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç in the coming days. Karaloğlu said that the high-speed train business was costly and difficult. At the same time, Iznik-Yenişehir, Iznik-İnegöl divided roads were auctioned. Yenişehir-Bilecik road that started and started as 1 × 1 then turned into 2 × 2. Supply tender file is ready. It is important to finish the road as a double road between Yenisehir and Bilecik. Last 4 completed the last chapter in the Mezit valley per month. There is a chance to go from Bursa to Ankara as an uninterrupted double d.
Uludag, Turkey's leading provide transportation from winter tourism centers will express renewed Karaloğlu 35 kilometers of the road, "he has auctioned on December 30 the road. 2 will be rebuilt as the hot asphalt in the 35 mile portion of Uludağ road in the year. 2015 will begin at the end of March. We'il do it from top to bottom. We will solve the transportation problem of Uludağ. We will make hot asphalt by making some improvements in corners. There will be no expansion on the road to Uludag. The road will be removed in its current form. The lower layer and the hot asphalt will pass to the top. Some dangerous bends will be corrected, Bazı he said.

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