10 golden rule of riding metrobus

10 golden rules of getting on the metrobus: It is the biggest nightmare of those traveling in Istanbul. Nevertheless, considering that 3 million people use metrobus a day, if we diagnose a Stockholm Syndrome in Istanbul, we would not be considered to have done much wrong. We cannot say to anyone “using metrobus”, but we can share some tricks of getting on the metrobus with you. Listevari.com team has made some experiments and made various observations by using the metrobus for you for about 2 months. And he prepared the 10 golden rules of getting on the metrobus for you. This is a small step for listevari.com and a big step for humanity.

Avcilar, CevizliWe started at Bağlikuyu and Söğütleşme locations. As far as we can observe here, waiting at the front door guarantees a guaranteed 90 seating of% 4. Because, as we know, we have a total of XNUMX different BRT tools. Even if the metrobus is aligned, the parts of the rear doors may vary. Sometimes there is a possibility that you can coincide with a bristle driver. Sometimes, this bristle metrobus driver can not stand where they stop, and they ruin the entire order. However, the front door is not affected by these variables.

This will give you more advantages than you think. Move the seats around your door to your eyes. From which point you can reach the fastest possible seat, set the seat yourself. Your fellow nurses may be more experienced than you. Therefore, you must have a plan B. When the Metrobus appears at the stop, say a I will sit on that seat a. Concentrate, take a deep breath and move towards your destination in quick steps without looking left and right when the doors open.

Fear is the biggest enemy of a man. If you start thinking, "If Ayy is a shame, or if they swear at me, or if I get beaten", you will lose. Trust yourself. You see that the stall is very crowded and the doors are full of stops, so lie in an ambush near the door of an 5 cm. Take action to create a perception of, I will wait for the next one, eheheh Et. When the metrobus dock, if you act fast and jump in front of the door, you can easily reach your destination. This movement will cause you to hear such sounds tır come out, click ıza, get out. Never mind, it's not worth it.

Metrobus, 21. century is the most primitive living environment you can see. The tribe on the other side of the world has a more civilized society than this. All passengers are struggling to live a lonely life here alone. Don't let your weak points seduce you. Yeah, we're talking about not needing old people. We have to say with sadness that none of the elders included in our experiment team say ız thank my son Ş. Their attitude is clear. If you want your conscience to be comfortable, you will not look at the metrobus. Make a sleeping number, tell my master, read the book, open the sound of your mp3 and dive out of the window. As a result, it is not your fault that you didn't include someone you didn't see.

The bellows section of the Metrobus is a refuge for our citizens who ride from the intermediate stands. It is also the only source of oxygen for standing passengers. However, the quota of this place is limited and therefore you must decide in a hurry. Instead of standing up like a handle, you put less effort into leaning against your back. This section is also preferred by women because it prevents possible harassment.

There is a situation unnoticed by many people. Discovered by the physics department of our team, this situation has revealed a mistake made for years. As it is known, the bellows part consists of 4 people and is for 8 people in total. Apart from the pipes at the right and left corners, there is also a pipe in the middle. There is no problem for those traveling on the right and left. However, the other two people in the middle have to share that pipe. "Share" sözcüUsually, whoever snatches this pipe is his, as it is against the nature of the BRT. However, it is not difficult to overcome this with a simple physics rule. You will do the straight proportion, how? If the metrobus is going to the right, you will lean your right shoulder, if it is going to the left, your left shoulder will lean on that pipe. You will see how right you have made when the metrobus brakes.

Some of the determinations we made showed us that the front-door theorem did not work in intermediate stops. We can even say that there are even more negative effects. The front door is the most cramped part of the metrobus and it is almost impossible to find a place there. You cannot take the metrobus, nor can you get off the metrobus. He compresses people so much that your life passes from Halıcıoğlu to Ayvansaray, before your eyes. It's a fucking place. Of course, this is true for intermediate stops. For those who are going to get out of the intermediate stations, our recommendation is the oriental table, ie the back door. Our experiment team observed that the place was emptied here more quickly.

You have noticed that every day, someone opens and closes with the Metrobüs gate. If you do not want to fall into this situation, avoid the front of the door. As soon as you ride the metrobus, try to move forward. Even if no one is moving,, affders .., a dkk, can I pass, ır make effort to move forward. Otherwise, you'll go lost in the crowd in front of the door. Nobody can see you, can't hear you. You'il shrink, you'il be alone.

Even if you think you are against your character, if you want to get a place in the metrobus, you must be extremely rude, filthy, rude and rude. This is a very important rule. Remember, if people hate you, you've done it.

Although we've made some useful advice, don't forget to make a totem. In particular, you'll get out of the intermediate stops, you have to improve your ability to do totems. Believe in yourself and believe in your instincts. Focus on the yellow line. He will tell you where to stand. Let us entrust to Allah!

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