Buses in the form of metrobus in Isparta

Buses in the form of metrobus will serve in Isparta: The buses newly bought by Isparta Municipality have arrived. Mayor Yusuf Ziya Günaydın, who took the wheel to try it, said that the articulated buses would run between SDU and Çarşı. He stated that it is completely automatic and contains the latest technological innovations.
Between the SDU and the bazaar, especially in the morning and evening hours, the intensity of the President Günaydın voiced, the number of bus-buses to be operated in metrobus style has been increased to two, a bus will be added in a shorter time, he said. He said the bellows bus cost four regular buses, which will reduce transportation difficulties. Good morning, all kinds of comfort on the bellows bus, university and student staff and academic staff will be more comfortable, he said. The side road for the bus also announced.
Mehmet Yavuz, the President of SS 18 Private Public Buses Cooperative, and the chairman of the board, said that 2014 more buses will be put into service until February 22. Good morning, “Isparta does not have any problems with public transportation. I would also like to thank our public bus business for their sensitivity. I wish good luck to our people with our 22 new buses that will come with our articulated bus. " He spoke in the form.

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