Snow alarm in the municipality, the Metrobus path will be kept open

The snow alarm in the municipality, the Metrobus road will be kept open: falling temperature and snowing alarmed Metropolitan Municipality. 255 will be intervened on roads with a thousand tons of salt and about one thousand vehicles
Snowfall and cold weather, which started to be effective throughout the country, also showed itself in Istanbul. The high sections on the Anatolian side were white. In the city, which is partly cloudy yesterday, it is expected that the temperature will decrease to zero in the high sections of the Anatolian side and in Arnavutköy, Hadımköy, Silivri, Çatalca on the European side. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality also made preparations for winter conditions. According to the municipality statement, 43 is 1. Priority was evaluated on the 255 route in the 3 500 km long road network and squares. The 933 vehicle will serve the people of Istanbul with 3 bin 320 personnel.
The vehicles, which were increased in number, were brought to Edirnekapı as the Head of the Department of Road Maintenance. Apparatus to make salting tools were installed, snow plow combs were placed. According to the municipality plan, the priority routes of each region were determined and stations were created. Preparations were completed to intervene in the main arteries, participation points, junctions and E-5 before and after rainfall. The Metropolitan Municipality, the latest model of snow-fighting vehicles and the main arteries 28 will use the icing early warning system placed in separate points. The vehicles will be done on the designated routes to make snow shovels and road works, the existing vehicle tracking system will be followed by AKOM, vehicles will be directed to other regions where necessary.
Within the scope of the work plan, the BRT road will be open to permanent transportation. At critical junctions, 34 rescuers and towers are likely to be kept ready for an 24 hour against possible roadblocks and accidents. In the Department of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination, 255 thousand 7 tons of salt were stored. The district municipalities will be supplemented with salt if needed. In the 82 separate point of the city, a thousand 760 tons of solution were stored. In case of need, production facilities will be made at 25 ton capacity solution plants. The fire brigade, 45 Disaster Response and Rescue Vehicle, which will be carried out in the AKOM Coordination, will be attended by 135 personnel. Directorate of Parks and Gardens, Kadikoy, Taksim, Sarachane, Yenikapi, Eminonu, Uskudar, Umraniye, Beykoz, Göztepe, Eagle squares with 230 staff and 31 vehicle will do winter combat work.


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