Marmaray's Sirkeci station is opened

marmarayin sirkeci station was opened, the day was born for philanthropists
marmarayin sirkeci station was opened, the day was born for philanthropists

Marmaray's Sirkeci station was opened The day of Hayyamists was born: Sirkeci station, which is the most important station of Marmaray, which connects Europe and Asia with each other through the passage of the Bosphorus, was finally opened. Sirkeci's icon was born to the Hayyamists.
The opening of Sirkeci station of Marmaray makes a contribution to Istanbul traffic and we will see and see it but the fact that Sirkeci district, which is the heart of digital camera and video equipment, is now one step closer to technology enthusiasts. Especially those who live on the Anatolian side or come to Istanbul to buy DSLR cameras, lenses or accessories such as light, flash, tripod, or second hand, will now be able to reach Sirkeci very easily. Because the Marmaray Sirkeci station 1 was officially opened at noon on December 2013 at noon.
Where is the Hayyam passage?
With the opening of the Marmaray Sirkeci station, will give a little explanation to the famous Khayyam passage. Not only in Istanbul, Turkey to become a brand in digital cameras and accessories Khayyam Passage, Sirkeci, very close to the Marmaray Sirkeci station exit, is located in Muradiye street. In this passage, it is possible to reach all accessory needs of zero products, second hand, all kinds of accessories, amateur and professional photographers.
However, in Sirkeci, only the Hayyam Passage should not be perceived as a family of digital photographers. Large and small in the region a large number of authorized camera dealers, authorized service representative for Turkey and the world-famous brands are also available.
Long story short, the opening of the Sirkeci station Marmaray, we are very happy with the digital camera and accessories enthusiasts. Because we can easily and effortlessly cross the route without interrupting the traffic of Eminönü and Sirkeci and intersect our route with Marmaray.



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