Expected expectations in Üsküdar with the opening of Marmaray

With the opening of Marmaray, expectations have increased in Üsküdar: Housing prices have started to increase in Üsküdar with the introduction of Marmaray and the urban transformation efforts that have accelerated.
Property prices in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul started to increase with the opening of Marmaray and the accelerating urban transformation works. Housing prices for sale in Üsküdar, which have increased by 1 percent in the last 18 year, are now at the level of 2.682 TL per square meter. The average square meter price in apartments for rent is 12 TL. With the removal of the Marmaray construction in Üsküdar and the ease of transportation, prices gained momentum upward. Especially the Sirkeci axis brought great convenience in terms of transportation to the region.
According to real estate consultants serving in the region, the price expectation of homeowners is increasing. While expectations increase with the start of urban transformation works especially in districts such as Çengelköy, Beylerbeyi and Sultantepe, it adds value to the region with the ease of transportation. The average square meter prices of residences for sale in Üsküdar's districts are as follows:
Acıbadem Mah. 5.556 TL / m²
Bulgurlu Mah. 2.188 TL / m²
Cengelkoy Mah. 2.777 TL / m²
Ferah Mah. 2.400 TL / m²
Icadiye Mah. 2.882 TL / m²
Mimarsinan Mah. 2.143 TL / m²
Selami Ali Mah. 2.793 TL / m²
Sultantepe Mah. 3.250 TL / m²
Valide-i Atik Mah. 2.323 TL / m²
Zeynep Kamil Mah. 2.294 TL / m²
Üsküdar 2.682 TL / m²
Real estate agents who want to sell their homes in the county waiting, on the other hand, luxury villas in the neighborhoods such as Kandilli, Nakkaştepe is a great demand, but the villa for sale can not be found, he says.
3 Million Dollar Not Even the Villa
For luxury villa projects in the region, prices in single and large villas in the garden start at 4,5 million dollars. Villa buyers 2-3 is worth a million dollars but at this price it is hard to find villas in the area. Even the prices of twin villas start at $ 1 million.

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