Transfer from Marmaray to Edirnekapı

Transfer from Marmaray to Edirnekapı: IETT transfer buses from Marlıray's Kazlıçeşme station to Edirnekapı tram stop, which came into service last month and attracted great attention. The round trip time of buses on the line, which is put into service with the code MR12, is 50 minutes.
In order to transfer from Marmaray to Edirnekapı stop, bus services between Kazlıçeşme - Edirnekapı tram stop were started by IETT. The round-trip time of the transfer buses is 50 minutes.
Normal transfer
Kazlıçeşme - Edirnekapı line, which is used with MR12 code, will be taken with a normal transfer fee.
15 has a bus per minute
Bus services start from Kazlıçeşme every day of the week at 06.20 and until 23.30:15 at night, depending on the intensity between 06.50 minutes and half an hour. From Edirnekapı direction, the flights starting at 00.00 every day of the week will end at XNUMX.
The MR12 bus stops are as follows:


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