Konya Aladağ Winter Sports Center Project

Konya Aladağ Winter Sports Center project: Konya's Derbent District Mayor Hamdi Acar, Konya Plain Project (KOP) Regional Development Administration President Prof.Dr. Dr. He visited Mehmet Babaoğlu in his office and gave information about the Aladağ Winter Sports Center project, which was carried out to be the ski resort of Konya.

Chairman Acar, accompanying him, the Ski Federation of Konya Provincial Representative Zarif Yildirim, TURHAN General Manager of Map Faruk Turhan, attorney Umit Olgun visited the father gave technical information about the project. Aladağ Ski Center Project's feasibility studies are approved and they expect to be taken into the investment program that expresses Acar, along with the implementation of the project in the social and economic sense in the Konya region will offer serious contributions, he said.

The length of the runway in Aladag 2 11 stage of the length and has a very favorable potential for tourism due to the fact that the northern direction of skiing Acar, the district of Konya city center of the 50 kilometers away from this region makes it more attractive. Acar said, başla We will start with the units such as parking, consultations, ticket sales, ski and sports equipment rental shops, ski school services, nursery, children's playground, rooms for ski club, café, restaurant. The project will enable winter sports activities such as alpine, telemark, snowmobile, freestyle skiing, helicopter skiing, snowmobile, biathlon, ice skating, snowbord, snow kite, snow rkanting, ski tours, curling. There are also summer sports such as climbing, golf, paragliding, mountain trekking. Iz

Professor Dr. Mehmet Babaoglu, while expressing his satisfaction with the visit, said they would be supporters of the project. He underlined that the project is an important work on behalf of Konya region. Dr. Babaoglu, in addition to the winter sports center, Derbent pointed out the importance of other investments that can create attraction in the center.

📩 24/11/2018 12:40