Kocaeli Ropeway project hangs

Kocaeli Ropeway project is pending: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has finally taken action to solve the problems of public transportation and transportation which seem to be the most important problem in our city. The other day, we announced that the Metropolitan Municipality opened the tender for the ih light rail system ini for the project and feasibility studies, and the tender will be held in December.

I know very little of the managers in the administrative staff of the Metropolitan Municipality. I trust the Secretary General Ersin Yazıcı and Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın, who are among my acquaintances, to be the guarantor of their honesty and diligence.

Tahir Buyukakin, Deputy Secretary General, who closely followed public transportation and transportation issues, came to us last day. He gave detailed information about the initiated studies. I thought, with the u light rail system, ”the“ Tram ”system was the same thing. Big ass, he fixed this mistake first. . You've made a story that implies that we opened this bid to fool the people as the elections approached. Not so. The new moves we have initiated are completely aligned with the program drawn by the Transport Master Plan. Without the Master Plan of Transportation, we could not start them. Ulaşım

There are now two big projects on transportation in the agenda of Metropolitan. One is a light rail system. The other is the tram project. I would like to share with you the information given by Tahir Büyükakın.

The Light Rail System will be installed on the D-100 highway, possibly in the central median. It will start from Yarımca Atalar Mahallesi and reach Cengiz Topel Airport in Uzuntarla. This system is planned to carry 35 thousand passengers per hour in one direction. tender on December 11 kazanThe engineering firm will determine where the light rail system will be laid and where the stops will be made on this 32-kilometer route.

The light rail system is expected to be completed by 32 on the 2025 kilometer. First the project will be prepared. Then the application will be made for the detail project. Büyükakın said, UM The total cost of this project will reach 1 billion TL. The light rail system will try to make the Ministry of Transportation from the general budget. It is a project that exceeds the metropolitan area. Büyük

The planned 32 kilometer section of the light rail system of the D-100, which is planned to run in total 5 kilometers, will be in the form of an underground tube passage. Passengers departing or boarding at stops on the route will pass the D-100 with underpasses. The Transport Master Plan predicts that the city needs such a system after 2023. If this giant project comes to life, the urban population will be the busiest in Yarımca-Uzuntarla.

Tramway project is only for transportation in Izmit city center. In the first stage, it will start in front of the Izmit Branch of the Central Bank and pass through the city center, probably Cumhuriyet Caddesi. It will enter the East Kışla Park from here to M.Alipaşa. Then the 2 stage of the tram project is planned. This will be the route from which the tram will carry passengers to the east of the city and will probably pass through İnönü Street. Büyükakın explained that the cost of this project is calculated as 40 million TL and that it will be capable of carrying 15 thousand passengers per day. TL We will make this project as Metropolitan. 2019'a aim to finish up, X he said.

Tahir Büyükakın'la every day more and more of the city-wide problem of public transportation, we also discussed the main outline. The merger of the Karamürsel-Gölcük cooperatives was completed and the cooperative said that the 10 would put this new bus on the line. Gulf Cooperative 8 will take the big bus service. The 15 will take the 10 to 10 until January and the 20 to be the next big bus to XNUMX by the end of February. Büyükakın said, ler Large buses across the city will be used for public transportation. Thus, the total number of vehicles will be reduced, better quality public transport will be done.

The leri Teleferik X project, which is among the promises of Büyükşehir in 2009, is currently on hold. Büyükakın said, ler My personal opinion is that the ropeway can be set up for those who want to watch İzmit from the top. But it is not used as a public transportation vehicle anywhere in the world. Ama Should any local or foreign company come and run the ropeway project, the Metropolitan will always be ready to talk about it.

Tahir Büyükakın, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, admits that there is a public transportation problem in our province. The Transport Master Plan, which was completed last year, said that they now have a road map showing what they should do, and that the works within the scope of this master plan have been carried out step by step. Metropolitan, D-100 Izmit began to work in order to correct the oddities in the transition to Izmit, to eliminate the troubles in Justice Bridge. Büyükakin, with a very gentle style and great sincerity, said:

Taşıma - We know that there are serious problems in public transportation and transportation. Their solution is not possible in a year or two. We are taking every step to be taken in accordance with the Master Plan. We are aware of the importance of the subject. These things are going to be rushed, not political work. You're surprised what we're going to do as you press, that nothing is done, everything is done wrong. The people of the city trust us. We know exactly what we are doing and how long we need to finish what project. Don't come too far on us, don't let our hands go. Bizim

I promised Büyükakın to be careful about this.

In the meantime, I would like to make a reminder .. While the Tram project, which is considered for İzmit city center, is being realized, it is thought that all of the city center, on both sides of the Walkway, will be completely closed to vehicle traffic.

After the 30 March 2014, the Metropolitan Municipality under the direction of Karaosmanoğlu plans giant steps in transportation… But we can only see the fruits of these after 2020. Of course I also have the right to ask, "Wouldn't it be better if you had started this work at 2004?"

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