Winter holidays in the snow


Do you like the winter holiday card: Whether you want to live in Izmir, Kayseri ... You can find a ski resort for the winter holidays on your doorstep in Turkey. You can even ski daily if you wish. Abroad, many centers from Austria to France, from Bulgaria to Switzerland stand out with fun activities.

Erciyes, Kartepe, Kartalkaya, Uludag, Palandöken, Sarikamish Davraz, Bozdag, Ilgaz, Hidden, Zigana ... Total interest and thus to the winter ski vacation in Turkey is increasing every year. The ski season, which started in December, continues in many resorts until April. Lessons are given to those who do not know how to ski. You can also do activities such as snowboarding.

in nature, there are many pristine air in Turkey for a winter ski vacation. For example, in the east of Izmit, the height of Kartepe to the west of Sapanca is 1699 meters. In the summer, Kartepe welcomes those who want to trekking in the summer or to cool off in Sapanca Lake. Kartepe is also equipped with a 42 meter-wide track. Kartepe is one and a half to Istanbul and 4 hours to Ankara.

Kartalkaya Ski Center in Köroğlu National Park in Bolu continues the season from December to April. There are 11 tracks in the center, which is three hours away from Istanbul and Ankara. In Kartalkaya where there are many accommodation centers, the average 1850 and 2200 meters can be skied. If you wish, you can also travel daily from Ankara or Istanbul.

Bursa Uludag is located in the 36 kilometers away from the city center, the center of winter tourism in Turkey. The lowest altitude 1750, the highest altitude 2435 meters in Uludag, there are many accommodation facilities for every budget. Skiing can be done in snowy, cross country and heli skiing styles in Uludağ where the 11 track is located.


Erzurum Palandoken is covered with snow for six months of the year and has long and steep slopes. The longest runway in Palandöken at 3185 meters is the 12 km! Also suitable for snowboarding with heavy snowfall. When the interest is concentrated, the number of facilities opened here is increasing every year.

The slopes of Sarıkamış Ski Center in the Sarıkamış district of Kars are 2200 with 2900 meters high. The longest runway in the center where there are eight runways is 3 bin 500 meters long. Kars airport 50, Kars city center 55 accommodation is located in Sarıkamış.

It is possible to ski between 25-1800 meters in Erciyes, 2000 km to Kayseri. The longest runway in the center is 3.5 miles long. Saklıkent Ski Center, located at a distance of 50 to Antalya, is located on the slope of the summit of Bakırlıdağ, a part of the Taurus mountain range. It has a mild climate and consists of ski resorts and chalets. He is the closest ski resort in Ecuador. Therefore, the skiing season is short. If you want to go, don't stay in March-April.


Isparta city center 25 kilometers from Davraz, prices are also very convenient. Davraz, where you can ski at 1650 meters, is fascinated by the view of Lake Eğirdir. With its 2850 meter peak, Ilgaz is an ideal base for winter sports or skiing. It is located between Kastamonu and Çankırı. Ilgaz has two runways located at a distance of 200 km from Ankara.

Bozdag, where ski areas are located between 1528 and 2157 meters, is a village of Ödemiş district of İzmir. Bozdag, where many facilities are located, is a very convenient center for camping and mountain hiking except for skiing.

Zigana Ski Center, which connects the Eastern Black Sea to Eastern Anatolia and 60 to Zigana Pass, located on the 3's kilometer of Gümüşhane-Trabzon Highway, has two separate runways. One is 800, the other is 1500 meter long. When you go to Zigana where Konaklamka facilities are located, try Hamsiköy milkplate!

You can play polo, golf and cricket in the snow

The Alps in the middle of Europe are the main reason for the existence of very popular ski resorts in Switzerland, France and Austria. Of course, the great interest in this sport has increased due to the preferences of well-known artists, businessmen, athletes. Especially the runway lengths, entertaining activities and food stand out in these centers. Chamonix in France is known as the most popular ski resort in Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak. You can snowboard, paragliding, kiteboarding, ice skating in the ski center where the 24 track is the longest 15 km. Courchevel is one of the three valleys in the Savoie region in France, which covers the largest skiing area in the world. Courchevel is located among the most luxurious ski resorts in the world, with different levels of settlements and tracks. Val Dísere is another ski resort in France. 1850 is located at the 35 meter-high center.

In Switzerland, various activities such as polo, golf and cricket can be done. The season starts in October at Moritz! Kitzbuhel in Austria, known as the world ski championship, is one of the centers preferred by master skiers with its head-on descents.

The Innsbruck Ski Center in Austria is built on the Eastern Alps. People playing golf in the summer are the favorite of skiers in winter.

Bansko in Bulgaria, 600 km to Istanbul. Bansko, one of the few ski resorts in Europe, has a total of 13 tracks. Starting from 2600, known as 'Tomba', where the world champion Alberto Tomba is skiing, the tracks are ideal for skiers at all levels. According to many ski resorts in Europe, the accommodation is suitable for eating and drinking.

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