Increased interest in train travel in winter

📩 29/11/2018 17:37

During the winter months the interest in the train journey increased: In winter, the demand for train travel increased. The low risk of accidents, the level of service transport to the EU standard increases the popularity of the train journey.
State Railways Erzurum Garage Manager Ahmet Basar, increased the demand for train travel in winter, who prefer to travel by train to the citizens of Erzurum, all kinds of convenience and convenience, the network has not experienced any hitches, he said. Başar, artı In winter, the demand for train travel is increasing. Our goal is to intensify the choice of passengers in transportation. In Erzurum, the difficult winter season causes problems especially in road transportation. For this reason, the citizens turned to rail transportation. Now the bureaucrat, the politicians, in short, the citizens of all walks of the railway route. The train is increasing. The train route is in great demand because it is economical and reliable. The quality offered in the service leads to increased interest in railway travel. For this reason, we have mobilized our possibilities to provide the highest quality and highest quality service to our passengers. Our citizens can make their journey with trains in very economical conditions. With the innovations made, the star of the railways began to shine again. Modern services have received the admiration of our people. In order to make Erzurum a tourism city, we need to increase our service types as a public. Erzurum


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