Skiers on the runway

📩 24/11/2018 12:45

Skiers on the runway: One of the ways to meet the arrival of winter smiles is to love to ski! Since the skiing season has been opened, we have recently set up ski resorts in Bulgaria, which are included in our list both in our country and in the 'close' quota.

Let's come before you have skied at the Bansko Ski Center in Bulgaria. There is new information about Bansko and our ski resorts.
I recently attended the ski season opening festival in Bansko. The 70 mileage runway, the 26 mileage lift network is not what we're used to.
Bansko is one of the historical Balkan villages of Bulgaria. In the past, 40 turned into a ski resort with an investment of one million euros, while having a run-down track at the time. Hotels also respect this pristine sensibility of the historic texture
He was too polite to make a mistake.
As in Palandöken, it has been one of the centers where boarders enjoy more thanks to the wide and curved tracks. Seeing more boarders in a ski center can also give you an idea about the track… The tracks are wide and lively. (Even about nightlife ...)
1.000 and 2.600 meters have a total of 13 tracks, including six blue, five red, two black according to the degree of difficulty. On the north side of the 2.900 meter-high Pirin Mountain, the runways are not affected by the wind. When we call World Champion Alberto Tomba and Marc Girardelli, one of the most important skiers in the world, we still have doubts about runways.
I saw that this ski resort, which is 10 kilometers away from Istanbul, is a unique alternative for Turkish skiers. The visa that Bulgaria applies to us has both a material and spiritual fatigue. 550 euro visa fee while the neighbor does not listen much. And you can't make the weekend getaways because it gives you a one-way visa for this money. But what we understand is that you won't be using this neighbor's ski resort comfortably all season! It is not a job for us to give 85 euro for every weekend. . We want to see Turkish skiers here, please be a little constructive and help with the visa, olun said Georgi İkonomov, the Mayor of Bansko. Let's see if these initiatives will change in the coming days about the subject?


Accommodation in Bansko, including five-star hotels, does not exceed the maximum 70 TL! It is possible to find many more affordable and comfortable hotels. Hotel Regnum offers everything you might want in a ski resort. The best SPA was selected among Balkan countries.


Turkish Airlines conducts daily flights from Istanbul to Sofia every day. But for those who want to go by road, there is an 6 hourly road. According to the recommendation of the travel writer Levent Özçelik, who has traveled to Bansko many times before, it is easiest to follow the Bansko signs via the Ipsala border crossing through Kavala-Drama, Greece. Plodiv-Bansko route is not preferred due to the difficulty of the mountain roads. Buses from Sofia to Bansko often find vehicles. One who puts the 150 euro in his pocket except for the visa fee can make a nice ski trip on the day at 3-4.


We will not talk about Uludağ in this article ... As Uludağ tends to host guests who go to entertainers rather than winter sports volunteers, which are not satisfactory according to the sensations we have received from skiers last season, the eyes are on Palandöken until a new attack comes ... But those who want to make daily visits closer to Istanbul Green Park Resort in Kartepe is very reasonable for skiers.
4 lifts with 17 different difficulty levels are at an altitude of 1.800 meters… One hour of lessons for 140 liras and the daily lift rent is determined as 50 and 80 lira. If you want a full garment, the price is 40 lira… The easy access and the smooth running of the tracks are satisfactory, even if it does not give a Palandöken feeling ...
There are two more ski resorts that should not be crossed. Sarıkamış Ski Center, one of the best quality powder is the language of the abdomen. Secondly, Saklıkent Ski Center, which is preferred by foreign tourists in March. A different location where you can ski in the morning and ski in the afternoon.


Xanadu Snow White Hotel is the most comfortable hotel where you can enjoy the skiing season of Palandöken. Let's talk about the hotel's runway. The only runway you can do in the night strap belongs to this hotel. Total natural ski slopes 12 thousand meters in length, artificial karlandır 1.600 meter runways, 800-meter toboggan run, 1.700 meters from the lift to the ski and snowboard length of perhaps the only place that they can do the most professional skiing on the border with Turkey.
Training in ski schools showing sensitivity for those who want to learn skiing, under the direction of Hannes Branner
It is given by 7 national ski instructors. If you are just starting to learn to ski, starting with an Australian instructor indicates that you hit 12. Austrians know this business very well. There is an interesting innovation that you will encounter in Palandöken this season. Have you heard of snow rafting before? ATAK Search and Rescue and Nature Sports Club and Rafting Provincial Office is preparing for its promotion by making a pilot application this year. A 'karraft' tournament will be held among journalists in the second week of January. ATTACK Chairman Bayram Cetin Turkey and says he's shed this sport in the world. You better get used to the idea of ​​rowing in the snow, obviously the 2014 trend ...