Kartalkaya Ready For The Year

📩 24/11/2018 12:46

Kartalkaya Christmas Ready: reservations before Christmas in Kartalkaya in Turkey's popular ski resorts charging, the hotel also has completed its preparations.

Köroğlu Mountains in the peak winter season and is one of Turkey's popular centers began to flock to Kartalkaya holidaymakers.

After snowfall last week, the hotels in the ski resort opened the season and the occupancy rate of the hotels reached 80. Gazelle Resort and Grand Kartal Hotels General Coordinator Emir Aras said that the tracks were ready for skiing. We have a week to open the season. We think it's going to increase in a week. As long as there is snow, skiing is always needed here. Reservations started earlier.

Overall there is a shortage of rainfall in Turkey. All ski resorts have a lack of snow. There is a recession caused by this. But now we have enough snow on our tracks. All tracks are skiing.
New Year's Eve Kartalkaya holidaymakers will provide an unforgettable night and live music on the new year will enter the new year, stating that Emir Aras, said: unutulmaz The first of the year will be live music in restaurants. In the night we will have a party outside the 12, a classic of Kartalkaya as usual. He's going to go on a fireworks show with the DJ. Apart from that, entertainment in our hotels will continue until morning. Onun
Days before the new year, holidaymakers started to come early to Kartalkaya.

Tourists skiing on the Grand Kartal Hotel track had an enjoyable day with the sun showing their face.