Kars said the Sarikamis ski resort season

Kars Says Hello to Sarıkamış Ski Center Season: Bayraktepe Ski Center in Kars district of Kars opened the season. It was reported that the snow thickness in the center reached 40 centimeters, and this rate was sufficient for skiing.

After the opening held in Bayraktepe Ski Center, accompanied by Caucasian games, torch skiing and fireworks were held.

Sacit Özbey, General Manager of Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center Snow-Sar-Tour Operations, said that Sarıkamış Ski Center is waiting for local and foreign ski lovers.

Caner Özcan, one of the ski center managers, said that the occupancy rates are very nice. Ak We have guests from all over the country like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. From abroad, the first group came from Portugal and Russia. Ilk

2. Tier Ski Trainer Ozgur Yildiz, snowmobile and sleigh tours as well as children's skid skiing services given to those who do not know how to teach skiing in the ski resort said. Stars, taking professional time to learn how to ski, amateur depending on the ability to learn to ski in a time period such as 4 hours can be learned.