Izmir Metro has activated systems for hearing and visually impaired people

Izmir Metro has activated its systems for the hearing and visually impaired: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken a new step for the disabled in public transportation. İzmir Metro, with the investment of 1,5 million TL, put the Smart Hearing System in the world for the hearing impaired in London, Hong Kong, Paris and Sydney subways. In addition, for the visually impaired, Braille was prepared with maps and information plates.
İzmir Metro A.Ş. launched the “Access, Information and Guidance” project at world standards for all disabled groups. Thanks to the project, which was completed in about a year, including preliminary preparation, project and implementation, freedom of travel was provided for the visually and hearing impaired after the orthopedic disabled. The project was prepared mainly for visually and hearing impaired passengers. Since the ground conditions and elevators are in compliance with the standards at all stations of the Izmir Metro, no further arrangements were made for orthopedic disabled groups. The sound separating system, known as the "Induction Circuit" or "Intelligent Hearing System", which is very important for the hearing impaired passengers, was put into use. This system isolates the warning and information announcements in the stations from other sounds and humming in the environment and directly gives it to the device used by the hearing impaired.
Thus, disabled passengers can hear voices clearly and perceive all kinds of warnings and announcements. The system is active at a total of 21 points, 21 at the tolls and 42 at the platforms. Two months of intensive work was carried out on the ceilings of the stations for its installation. On the other leg of the project, arrangements were made to allow a visually impaired passenger to comfortably come to the station and travel safely without the need of an escort. Surface application was prepared as stipulated by the standards. Accessible surfaces are made in a bright yellow color, different from the ground, for the use of those who do not see completely, but also for those who see less, and are integrated with different applications that have the meaning of "Follow this path", "You have come to a stimulating place", "Stop and be careful". 50 maps showing floor plans and directions were prepared in Braille alphabet and placed at the entrance and exit points of 14 stations. Braille alphabet information plates were placed on the fixed stair railings indicating which direction it went.
Thanks to a total of 300 plates, the disabled passengers per ladder have the opportunity to determine the direction of that ladder. The buttons in the elevators are also embossed, making it easier to use for visually impaired citizens. In addition to these arrangements made at the stations, the elevator building and “sensible ground” application was applied to the entrances in the administrative building. The implementations within the scope of the project have been planned so as not to disturb other passengers and pose any risk. Thanks to these applications, İzmir Metro became the first establishment to be evaluated in line with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Red Flag Commission Regulation. As a result of the audit evaluation made by the Metropolitan Municipality Council Red Flag Commission at the metro stations, the works were 100 percent positive and it was decided to give the metro a three-star red flag.

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