İZBAN Increases Passengers by Percentage 20

📩 29/11/2018 17:51

Percent Increase the Number of Passenger İZBAN 20: 2012 50 million passengers in the year İZBAN, the remaining number 12 month process that took over 60 million. Since its inception, 3,5 has reached 150 million passengers a year.
Turkey's largest rail-based public transport system, İZBAN, increased its passengers in 2013 by 20. In the 2012 50 361 thousand million passenger capacity grew 12 20 percent in the remaining month period, outpacing 60 million. 2010 In the 2 million 604 thousand, 2011 In the 35 million 515 thousand, 2012 In the 50 million 361 thousand passengers serving izban's, along with the annual increase in the number of passengers since the company began surpassed 150 million. İZBAN trains, Izmir time when this day 30 2010 from 279 August 257 thousand people he met, while finding the time has come way 3,5 years 14 million total 432 850 thousand kilometers.
İZBAN officials, bagged-Pergamon Selcuk line of switching and 40 Total stating the parallel passenger numbers of new train sets to be commissioned from the February xnumx't year will be over 2014 million, "Izmir safe we ​​provide to the people, comfortable, fast, easy, cheap, clean and we increase the quality of the quiet public transportation alternative thanks to the preferences of the people of Izmir. ve
The length of the 80 kilometer line of İZBAN will reach 111 with Torbalı section. On the day when the Selcuk and Bergama lines are activated, this length will be moved to 185 kilometers. Thus, two historical cities of Izmir will be connected to each other by rail system. Izmir will be built with steel networks.
The number of trains of IZBAN, currently 43, will increase from February 2014. South Korea's Hyundai Rotem manufactured and continued to be assembled in Eurotem factory in Izmit will start coming to Izmir next month. First, the first three sets of 9 wagons will be commissioned in Izmir. 2014 72 wagon in the year of 24 set will be in Izmir. The remaining sets will be completed until August 2015.

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