Floating car park in Istanbul

Floating parking lots are coming to Istanbul: Floating parking lots are coming to Istanbul… İSPARK moved to the construction of a floating car park for sea use. With the project to be implemented, the floating parking period will start in the sea city of Istanbul, and will contribute to the solution of the parking lot problem by using sea areas.
Within the scope of the project, it is planned to use the ferries that are idle and also to be used as a floating car park. The system is expected to contribute significantly to the parking problem as it will serve in important areas of the city.
The commissioning of Marmaray and the intensive use of this line by the citizens brought up the construction of parking lots integrated into the sea throughout the city. Taking action to this end, İSPARK first of all, Üsküdar and Kadıköy With its station, it will launch floating parking projects near Harem, and on the European side, near Kazlı Çeşme and Sirkeci stations.
Public and private sector organizations offered offers to İSPARK for the project that will be an alternative solution to Istanbul traffic. In the project where the 2 difference option is offered, the floating re-fabricated car parks or existing passenger carriers will be modernized and the system will be implemented. The driver will leave the car in the car parks where the car will be connected to the floating car park and land, and will reach Marmaray on both sides of the city.
Mehmet Çevik, General Manager of İSPARK said, nok The increasing need for car parking at these points, especially Marmaray, has accelerated such a study on the agenda. Our aim is to contribute to the solution of the parking problem by taking over the floating parking lots at these points Ama.
In the first phase, the capacity of 400 vehicle floating car park will be increased in Harem. 24 will serve hours in these parking lots, cafes, listening areas, art galleries and living spaces to be found.
First time in Turkey who live in landlocked traffic density project will be implemented by ISPARK will be an example to other cities. The project aims to encourage both rail systems and sea transportation due to Istanbul's connection to the sea at many points. There are floating car parks in the world, such as Japan and Canada.


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