Rails in İldem and Talas lines are underway

Rails in İldem and Talas lines are underway: In Kayseri, the rail system is the end of İldem and Talas lines. On both lines scissors and intersection zones signal tests are in progress. The tests will be completed by mid-January.
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make public transportation faster and more comfortable. In the rail system, which has carried millions of passengers on the Organized-East Garage line, two new lines are now available for commissioning. In the East Garage-Ildem line, which is approximately 9,5 kilometers long, infrastructure works, works such as rail laying, truss and rail welding have been completed. Within the scope of the superstructure works of the line, works such as riding waterproofing, irrigation system, soil laying and lawn laying have also come to an end. Pedestrian crossings and platforms continue on line despite adverse weather conditions. Rough construction of 15 of the 14 platforms was completed. Manufacture of overhead line system and catenary poles were also completed and made ready for service. In addition, the construction of 5 transformer buildings on the line was completed, equipment was installed and the commissioning work was completed with the energizing test.
In addition, the entire system was energized, allowing the rail system vehicle to go to the end of the line for signal and other energy tests. Ildem line truss and junction areas signal tests continue. Most of the works have been completed at the connection of approximately 4 kilometers Talas-Sivas Avenue. Infrastructure works such as rail laying, truss and rail welding were completed on the entire line. Within the framework of the superstructure works, it was not missing in the soil and grass laying work. Pedestrian crossings on the line and intersection crossing were also completed. The rough construction of 7 platforms on the university line has been completed, while station furniture placement, coating and turnstile works are ongoing. While the production of overhead line system and catheter poles has come to an end, two transformer construction and equipment installation have been completed. Energizing the whole line, signal test work for the scissor and junction areas will be done in a few days. With the opening of both lines in a short time, the speed, convenience and comfort of the rail system in public transportation will have the opportunity to use a larger mass in Kayseri.

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