Hasankeyfe Cable Car to Do

Hasankeyfe Cable Car Will Be Made: The button has been pressed for the cable car project that will provide transportation from the new residential area to the castle in Hasankeyf.
In Hasankeyf, the button was pressed for the cable car project that will provide access to the castle from the new settlement area. Two companies made a pre-feasibility study for the ropeway project in the historical district. A pre-feasibility study was carried out for the establishment of a cable car in the ancient city of Hasankeyf. After the Ilısu Dam, the district is opened to tourism. kazanIt was learned that two companies carried out pre-feasibility studies for the project, which was considered by the Hasankeyf District Governorate and the Special Provincial Administration in order to reveal the natural and historical areas better.
It was noted that pre-feasibility studies were carried out in many areas such as the places where the ropeway will be installed, its carrying capacity and cost, and that the ropeway project is planned to be implemented after the acceptance of the most suitable project and its cost. Authorities, regarding the ropeway project, “We are working on a ropeway project from the New Hasankeyf settlement to the existing upper areas in order to evaluate the tourism potential, and to tour local and foreign tourists to the historical castles and areas where Hasankeyf does not reach the water after Ilısu Dam. If the project is deemed appropriate and its budget is approved, a cable car will be built to Hasankeyf and tour operators will now be able to enter the sightseeing route. ”

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