Tram passes from Hamidiye Boulevard (Photo Gallery)

Tram from Hamidiye Boulevard: We cannot know if Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality light rail system project can be realized. According to the project, a tramway is planned for the current Walkway. Izmit, which is known as ses the city passing by train şimdi for many years, says goodbye to railroad tracks and the smell of diesel fuel. Now it will say hello to the tram on the same route. The history of the Walkway dates back a long time. The name of this route during the Ottoman Empire was “Hamidiye Boulevard Osmanlı. That is how the postcards of that period go through: Hamidiye Boulevard O
Then took the name Railway Street. In the end, Cumhuriyet Street H The upper side is still on Hürriyet Street En
When the subject is opened from the tranvay, it is necessary to mention the three five streets of Izmit.
Izmit, Turkey is one of the oldest settlements in the territory. His history dates back many years.
Ancient Izmit, Nicomedia, is known as one of the most important cities in the world. Do not worry that you have not had the opportunity to explore the map of Nicomedia's settlement plan. I'll tell you right now.
The route from the location of the present Çukurbağ excavation in the East to the Corps in the West is the main street of Nicomedia.
The harbor is in front of Belsa Plaza. While the Belsa Plaza was already being built, the ruins of the harbor were destroyed by dynamite.
Necropolis is the cemetery, the same place in Bağçeşme and its surroundings.
Agora, the city square, today's Nuh Cement Primary School and the State Materials Office.
The theater is on the slope of present-day Tuberculosis Dispensary.
Of course, there are also small streets that connect the main street of Nicomedia (Inönü Street) to other elements of the city. These little streets are the streets we use today. Alemdar Street, Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Leyla Atakan Street Cad
In Nicomedia, people live in a happy and peaceful way. They go to the theater, they sacrifice their gods on the altar, they bury their dead with special rituals, they make tombs made of marble.
Environmental pollution, air pollution, they do not know at all.
There is no danger of dying and death under a vehicle, there is no exhaust gas like poison while wandering in the streets on the streets.
What's the traffic jam?
This is the 2 that I told you about a thousand years ago Bu
Is there a lot going on between ancient Izmit and so-called modern Izmit?
Are we still not using the roads of our fellow Nikoman citizens?
Did we make a new way, open a new way?
2 annually launch new vehicles into the streets of Nicomedia.
Hundreds, thousands of cars… Pick-up trucks, trucks toplu Four-wheel-drive jeeps J Hundreds of thousands of public transport vehicles… Hundreds of thousands of service vehicles Yüz
Roads 2 same paths for millennia Yol
A thousand years ago, pedestrians 2 could roam free and healthy, and children could run and play. Pedestrians now have to lead to the jeeps of the rich dandy. If he steps on the pedestrian crossing, he'il chew the jeep who stepped on the gas to get her to the side.
The fact that İzmit and Cumhuriyet and Hürriyet Streets are open to traffic does not help in practice. These two streets are not yet fully used by public transport vehicles. Well, if he doesn't use jeeps for snobs. Cumhuriyet and Hürriyet Streets should be completely closed to traffic. And just try the tram s

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