Gölcük and Kartalkaya impressed by the beauty of the ski resort (Photo Gallery)

📩 24/11/2018 12:45

Gölcük and Kartalkaya impressed with the beauty of the ski resort: Bolu Gölcük Nature Park photographed from GÖKYÜZ and the ski resort at the summit of Köroğlu affected Kartalkaya beauties.

Upon the request of Halit Ergül, the owner of Gazelle Resort Hotel in Karacasu Town of Bolu and Grand Kartal Hotel in Kartalkaya, paragliding pilot Orhan Özgülbaş shot on Gölcük Nature Park and Kartalkaya ski center. The embracing of the ice-capped lake and the snow-covered forests in Gölcük Nature Park, hidden among pine forests, the beauty of Kartalkaya was reflected in the photographs.

Stating that Gölcük has a unique view in the winter months, Halit Ergül said, “They viewed Gölcük Nature Park, where our facility is located, and the ski center Kartalkaya from the sky. The scenery created by both places covered with snow in the winter is fascinating. We are waiting for nature lovers to Gölcük and ski lovers to Kartalkaya ”.