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DB Train Deutsche Bahn
DB Train Deutsche Bahn

German Railways Deutsche Bahn failed: The number of complaints made to German Railways Deutsche Bahn this year has exceeded 3. Complaints regarding German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) have reached a record level this year. The settlement agency in public transport services, SöP, announced that the number was 250 thousand 3 until Christmas.
I stayed in the Deutsche Bahn class this year on issues such as delays, cancellations, ticket refunds, service quality.
According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, about half of the passengers were injured due to the hitches or cancellations in the train services.

One in every three passengers complained about tickets, and one in every four customers suffered from service quality.

DIP Director Heinz Klewe stressed that in 2009, the institution, which was established to defend the rights of railway workers, is now unable to stand up from the intensity.

Klewe said that many people who did not get the answer they expect from Deutsche Bahn have applied to them and asked for mediation between the institution and the customer. Ulrich Homburg, a member of the Board of Directors responsible for transporting passengers at the WB, claimed that most of the complaints were due to external causes.

In the summer months, such as the floods of natural events due to delays and cancellations due to natural events, indicating that Homburg, the DB claimed to be a legal victim. The issues such as theft, attacks and technical failures also caused disruptions in voyages.

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