Gebze Orhangazi Izmir Motorway (Video)

Gebze Orhangazi Izmir Motorway: The starting point of the project is Gebze. it is attached. When the project is completed, the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge within the Project will be one of the world's largest sized suspension bridges. The new motorway reaches the Balıkesir after passing through the existing Bursa ring road (Bursa - Karacabey) at the junction of the Junction and passing through the north of Susurluk. After the highway south of Balıkesir west of the Battlefield, Soma, Kırkağaç near the province of Turgutlu near the west direction, Izmir-Uşak parallel to the state road and parallel to the Anatolian High School on the Izmir Ring Road intersection.
It will be realized in two stages in line with the construction and financing program. In terms of construction responsibilities, Gebze - Orhangazi, Orhangazi - Bursa, Bursa - Susurluk, Susurluk - Balıkesir, Balıkesir - Kırkağaç, Kırkağaç - Manisa and Manisa - İzmir. :
1st PHASE: Between Gebze and İznik South Interchange (Km: 58 + 300); Gebze-Orhangazi (1. Slaughter) and from Orhangazi to İznik South junction.
II. PHASE: İznik is located between the South Interchange and İzmir; İznik South Junction - Bursa, Bursa - Susurluk, Susurluk - Balıkesir, Balıkesir - Kırkağaç, Kırkağaç - Manisa and Manisa - İzmir sections.
In the 2015 of Phase I, II. The Phase is intended to be completed within the 7 annual Construction period.
Following the signing of the contract, Projecting, Mobilization and preparatory works have been started with the use of own funds. Since the date of the contract, 15 March 2013 has entered into force and works are continuing.
The project is a total of 377 km length including 44 km motorway and 421 km connection road on the basis of the offer offered to KGM. Within the scope of the project, Suspension Bridge, South Approach Viaduct, 18,212 pieces of total length of 29 m. and Operation Center, 5,142 pieces double sided Service Area (2 pieces A type, 199 pieces type B, 20 pieces type C and 25 pieces type D) shall be constructed.
However, in line with the additional design studies, the project is planned according to 384 km highway and 43 km connection road. Numerical project information for the ongoing design studies is shown below:
Route Length (New To Do): 384 km
Bursa Ring Road (outside the scope of construction and open to traffic): 22 km
Total Main Body: 406 km
Connection Ways: 43 km
Interchange Handles: 65 km
Existing Motorway, State or City Road Arrangement: 31 km
Side Roads: 136 km



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