Erzincan is becoming a ski and extreme sports center

Erzincan becomes a ski and extreme sports center: Ski Federation President Dr. Özer Ayık visited Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir in his office.

Speaking during the visit, Ski Federation President Dr. Özer Ayık, expressing his pleasure for being in Erzincan; In terms of Erzincan's winter tourism is rapidly becoming one of Turkey's few centers in Turkey and abroad with many ski previously held competitions and organization Erkan stated that the mountain retreat of Erzincan love interest.

Expressing his pleasure for the visit, Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir stated that the tender was made for the operation of the Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities and that the facilities will be in service of the 30 Day of the year as of 365 December.

In the continuation of his speech, Governor Akdemir stated that Ergan Mountain Ski Center, which is the promotional face of Erzincan in tourism, has become an area not only for winter tourism but also for sports and social activities by being visited by citizens in all seasons, that the work for the new picnic area is ongoing and these works will be completed in 2014. 12 months particularly widespread in most of the snow skiing and extreme sports and social activities can be carried out can be done in one of Turkey's stated that one area.

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