Erzincan Ergan Mountain Ski Resort will come alive

Erzincan Ergan Mountain Ski Center will come alive: Erzincan Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir said that the Ergan Mountain Ski Center will be built in a 5-star hotel.

Akdemir, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, 12 kilometer-long runway, the ski resort, the snow track vehicle with the top of the mountain climbing snow thickness and saw the latest studies, he said.
Expressing that the Ergan Mountain Ski Center, which is located in the south of Erzincan at the foot of the Munzur Mountains, which is 3 thousand 258 meters high and opened last year, is ready for the new season, Akdemir said that the tender of the facility was held and that all stages will be skied on December 30, if the expected snowfall falls. he said.

Akdemir, last week, both skiing and day-to-day facilities have realized the tender, if the snow thickness to reach the desired level 30 December without waiting for the center to be opened to the service of ski lovers said.

Akdemir, who noted that the thickness of the snow at the summit was about 10 centimeters, said, “In some places there is a snow called 15 centimeters' dust. So this year Ergan is waiting for snow. Hopefully, we will have opened the second stage at the summit on December 30, but the first part can find January 15 depending on the snow condition. ”

- Good news

Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, 4 day-running facility and accommodation facilities are not available next year, said the center will make significant investment.
In the center of 2014 in a 5 star of the hotel will be laid, heralded the foundation of Akdemir, said:

“The tender for our five-star hotel will be made on the 25th of this month. Hopefully, next year, we will lay the groundwork for a few 5 or 4 star hotels. There is a lot more to do for Ergan next year. We will have built a children's snow playground, which is not in any ski resort. Our project on this has been approved. In general, we had very narrow track areas, we made these areas very large. In order to spread the ski culture, we will bring our students here on weekends, provided that they pay their fees. We have 300 skiers that we can detect right now, we will increase this number much higher. Hopefully, we will teach the ski to Erzincan and we will bring this facility to our children, skiers and ski lovers.