Disabled Persons Request Free Transportation

Disabled Persons Want Free Transportation in Marmaray: Free handicapped card valid in public transportation is not valid in Marmaray. Disabled persons who use Marmaray with a discount of 50 want free transportation. TCDD officials heralded that they have started work for the free transportation of the disabled.
The price of the tickets in Marmaray, which unites the two continents under the Bosphorus, is 1.95 TL. The disabled pay half this fee.
The problems faced by the disabled in transportation are known to everyone… They have been struggling with many problems such as the inappropriateness of urban architecture, the lack of adequate arrangements in the roads, sidewalks and overpasses, and so on. Although some steps have been taken recently to facilitate the lives of disabled people, the problem is still huge. Since this is the case, there is no limit to the complaints from disabled people.
In this era, intense messages are received from disabled Istanbul residents who still cannot pass the pavement without a ramp or reach the station without an elevator. Nowadays, a new one has been added to these complaints. "Why can't we get on Marmaray free of charge?" I get a lot of messages from disabled people… As you know, disabled people can get on public transportation for free with the free card they get. Bus, metrobus, metro ...
Come and see that these free cards are not valid in Marmaray. And they want this double standard to end. The sources of TCDD, which we consulted on this matter, gave good news to the disabled citizens: The percentage of disability is on the 50 and those who have the 50 discount on both themselves and their companions. Those with 40 percent of disability have only 50 discount on their own. TCDD, disabled people 'free' is working to give the ticket. When the work is completed, those with an apology rate of 50 and above will be given free tickets to both themselves and their companions. Those with a lower rate of apology (40) will only be provided with free tickets.


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