Training in public transport is a must

Education in public transportation is a must: transportation and historical texture come at the top of the characteristics that make a city a city. It is emphasized that Istanbul is a world city in every platform. However, it is necessary to stop and think if the 83 of the city, which is connected to these two continents, is carried by road transportation. The day-to-day expansion of the metro networks, the commissioning of Marmaray entered Istanbul's service as major projects that ease the transportation. But that's not enough. First of all, it is necessary to create a public transport culture specific to Istanbul.
Professional chambers and local administrators should cooperate strongly in this regard. There should be such sanctions in this cooperation that public transport vehicle drivers should not be given the opportunity to disregard the safety of people. This cooperation should be so strong that the taxi drivers chase an 11-year-old boy with his car and not cause the death of other children. This cooperation should be made so strong that the bus driver who departs more passengers does not cause the lives of other people. This cooperation should be made so strong that minibus, taxi and public bus drivers in the traffic almost as 'the conqueror of the road' vehicle use. This cooperation should be made so strong that the drivers, citizens do not behave as a bully, do not smoke while the passenger in the vehicle, talk on the mobile phone, do not get rosary, do not rosary, stretch out his head out of the glass ... Of course, this list can be extended further.
When it comes to the life of the person in question, drivers of public transport should only be subjected to technical training and testing. This process should be completed especially with trainings that will benefit from communication and psychology. You know, we call it education. This is really a must for minibus, public bus and taxi drivers. However, this promise does not apply to drivers who comply with the traffic rules and who do their job properly.

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