Is Düzce ready for Marmaray

Düzce is ready for the Marmaras: The Republican People's Party provincial chairman Nurettin Turkmen, also asked Ak Parti Mayor Candidate Mehmet Keles 6 kilometer of the 1 hour, going straight to the question asked whether Düzceli was ready to connect to Marmaray.
Duzce still has a terminal reminding Turkmen, said: "Our city is not even a terminal of the candidate of the AK Party Mayor Düzce'yı connecting Marmaray talking about. I would like to ask if you are ready to go to Düzce Marmaray in one hour. Of course, we support projects that will ease transportation. Duzce has more urgent needs. Xnumx years in Duzce province but still not have a provincial image. Who are responsible? Bun
Turkmen, D100 Highway and Asar water side of the crooked structure of the 14 years in the province of Düzce argues that not worth laş in Düzce water money transportation money in hand burns. OSB still could not connect to the highway. OSB'da companies large vehicles use the neighborhood roads to transport. One of the most important problems of Düzce at the beginning of D100 Highway and Asar water side of the crooked construction. Moreover, there is a Düzce which is getting concrete every day. We want the old green Düzce back. ”


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