Minister of Transportation Honorary Doctorate

Minister of Transport, Yildirim, Honorary Ph.D.
Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan, AK Party Van Deputy Burhan Kayatürk and institution chiefs met Yıldırım, who came to the city with AK Party Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Çelik.
Rector of YYÜ Dr. Yıldırım, who visited Peyami Battal and attended the senate meeting, Dr. In a speech he gave at the ceremony held at Cengiz Andiç Cultural Center, he said that the university was showing an honorary doctorate and gave him the title of honorary doctor.
"I do not take this doctorate on my behalf," Yıldırım said, "There are 100 thousand people working day and night at the beginning of the lines, call centers. I thank the great team, I receive this doctorate in their name. It suffered great damage in our university during the earthquake. When we came here in those days, we saw the morale of people in our university. Today, I saw the campus with student dormitories and lodgings. There is still a lot to be done. There are expectations from us, we will fulfill whatever falls on us. ”
- "Let's do the schools to the west, the police stations to the east, where do we go with this head?"
Reminding that he learned the earthquake in Van at the wedding and that he saw the desperation of people when they came to Erciş with Prime Minister Erdogan, Yildirim said that Prime Minister Erdogan promised to wound the wounds as soon as possible and that the word was fulfilled today.
Stating that the amount of investments made in Van after the earthquake was 6 billion liras, 11 billion lira investments were made in the field of transportation in 2,2 years, 1,4 billion lira investments continued, and said:
“In 2002, Van did not even have transportation with its neighbors. There were 36 kilometers of divided road. We have covered another 436 kilometers. We increased the divided road length of Van to 472 kilometers. We have two big projects in Van. Güzeldere Tunnel Project, one of which will connect Van to Hakkari. When we think about this project, 'the project has no feasibility. There is no turning back for 30 years. Everyone objected. We said that the road is not trade, the road is civilization. It is a tool for the development of trade, brotherhood and unity. There is no need to make way to the east of Ankara if you see the road trade.
Industry in the west of Ankara. Let's build hospitals to the west and prisons to the east. Let's do the schools to the west, the police stations to the east, where do we go with this head? We tendered the road to connect Van to Şırnak via Siirt. We will also make the corridor that will connect Van to the Middle East and Habur. A difficult, expensive project. ”
- “We built 10 kilometers of tunnels in 150 years”
Yıldırım pointed out that the roads were the most important services for the development of the unity and brotherhood and that 11 reminded that they were fighting terrorism to make roads and airports for years.
Expressing that they continue to make stubborn terrorism, Yıldırım said, “The source of terrorist exploitation is immaturity. If you make roads and airports, the citizen wakes up, the terrorist movement area is shrinking. They are trying not to make Hakkari Airport but we are determined, we will do it. They opposed Şırnak, burned the construction sites, but in the end we opened it, and we named it Şerafettin Elçi Havalaanı. We divided the roads, united the lives and the nation. Now we are building the second biggest tunnel in the world to Ovit. We will be opening in 2017. We built 10 kilometers of tunnels in 150 years. During the Republican history, only 50 kilometers of tunnels were built. ”
Divided by means of time is eliminated from the loss of time, less fuel and less polluted air is spent, most importantly, saving lives pointed out that the lightning, divided roads in the deaths 52 reduced the percentage, he said.
- “400 third bridges and 400 projects such as Marmaray would be realized with 180 billion dollars”
Emphasizing that human-centered, human-centered understanding is needed for the service, Yıldırım noted that the solution process of the last one year is aware of what the national unity and brotherhood project means for people.
30 years, both financial resources and human resources attracted attention striking Lightning, continued his speech:
“We have lost more than 30 thousand soldiers, police, civilians. Our 400-600 billion dollars spent on terrorism wasted. If we spent 400 billion dollars on country service, 400 projects such as 180 third bridges and Marmaray would be realized. We need peace, brotherhood and peace more than ever. Politics is based on competition, true, but we will not add violence to politics. We will not promise tears, blood, we will promise fraternity. Everything that has death at the end separates and unites us. The terrorist organization is also aware of this. It would be a disaster to go back to the old days. ”
In Turkey, no one othering whether and differences they see wealth, beliefs and cultural differences, which said that unites people of common history Lightning, non-service behind the politics that no country benefits bring, and confidence in the service of politics, he said developed steadily.
- "People's children do not digest to give direction to Turkey"
If the AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik voiced bother someone to manipulate the children of the people of Turkey.
Steel, not graduated from high-quality schools, reminiscent of Robert and such schools that have not read Steel, said:
“Today the children of the people run the country. This is why someone is offended. Hüseyin Çelik came to the world in the village of Van as soon as a bird and caravan passes and served as the longest minister of national education of the republican period. Binali Yıldırım has been the Minister of Transport for 11 years. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the son of a taka captain. President Abdullah Gül is the son of the shopkeeper. He mentality ministers through the eyes of its elitist, indeed the people of the children of her to his administration and can not cope to give direction to Turkey, but they are what they say, the public will walk with the permission of the caravan God as long as this union of hearts. "
After the speeches he was given honorary doctorate Yıldırım, wearing a robe and took photos with students and students.
Later led to the provincial chairman of his party, Lightning, for a while the party closed-door.

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