DES Trade Private Cable Manufacturer SAB company was representative of Turkey

DESA Specialty Cable Manufacturer Trade company SAB was representative of Turkey: DESA is authorized representatives and dealer resident in Germany, private cable manufacturer company SAB I began to cooperate.
SAB, which produces high quality SABIX branded cable compared to its competitors and has made a name in the world market with its cable types, which are produced in addition to data cables, robot, automation, automotive, iron and steel, wind energy, home appliances, airport and shipping industry. It also provides widely used data cables in the railway industry.
SAB firm with special SABIX, Thermoplastic, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Elestromer and PolyVinyl Cylinder (PVC), Teflon, Silicone materials are produced by customers due to the special features of the following types of cable:
1. Chemical resistance
2. Abrasion resistance
3. Resistance to ambient temperature and working temperature
4. Elasticity
5. Height of current drawing capacity
6. Late ignition
7. Halogen free
8. The suitability of all tests
9. Long service life
Turkey is still Inci Aku, Iskenderun iron and steel, automotive, glass, and industrial automation, home appliances, Iron & Steel, Inc. Some harbor cranes and Istanbul Transportation by SAB cables are used. We would like to inform you that we can provide reasonable prices for quality and special cables produced by SAB in order to meet your cable needs in the production of rail systems and vehicles.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 17:40

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