Denizli Bozdağ Ski Center Ends in Work

Denizli Bozdağ Ski Center Work Has Come To An End: The work initiated to build a ski center in Bozdağ near Nikfer Town of Denizli's Tavas District has come to an end. Governor Abdülkadir Demir went to Bozdağ with Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan and examined the works on site and received information from the authorities.

Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir stated that 8 tracks have been built for Nikfer Ski Center so far, the construction of the telescopes that will carry 2 people per hour is ongoing and 500 telescopes with a length of 720, 1608 and 1365 meters will be put into service in January. Stating that the two chair lift facilities will be completed in January, Governor Demir said:

“Leveling of the daily areas and parks has been completed. Transformer construction of the power line is finished. The tender of the runway and service roads will be held in the coming days. Tracked snow vehicles will arrive for up to 1 month. 50 sets of ski equipment will be purchased. The thousand-ton tank and drinking water line will be built in the coming months.

Governor Demir pointed out that Bozdağ is in the transition zone to the seashore and continental climate, and stated that the snowfall in the region started in November and that it is possible to ski until the end of April.

AK Party Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan said that with the activation of Bozdağ Ski Center, Denizli tourism will be revived. Zolan said, “When Bozdağ Ski Center is finished, Denizli will have the second white after Pamukkale. We, as Denizli Municipality, support the activities, ”he said.