Fire Training and Exercise in Çankırı Scissor Factory

TCDD Cankiri Shears Factory
TCDD Cankiri Shears Factory

Fire Training and Exercise at Çankırı Scissors Factory: Fire training and drills were performed at Çankırı Scissors Factory. The training, which was coordinated by the Civil Defense Expert, started with the opening speech of Abdulvahap İNANÇ, Deputy Factory Manager of 29.11.2013. Civil Defense Specialist Abdullah KEDERSİZ by fire, fire, fire types, fire response, extinguishers and use of fire alarms after the training was given.

In the exercise, which took place with the participation of all staff, the personnel in charge of Civil Defense services made the fire intervention. The fires were extinguished at the end of the successful intervention with the water and the KKT fire extinguishers from the above-ground hydrant system in the factory site.

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