Uninterrupted Transportation Is Not Observed In Bursa (Video - Photo Gallery)

There is no obstacle for uninterrupted transportation in Bursa: Kestel intersection, which was designed by the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Bursaray Kestel Line, was opened to Ankara and the driver's way of using the service road ended. Mayor Recep Altepe reminded that the service roads opened in the borders of Kestel and Gursu within the scope of the works have been closed down, and kapsamında We have opened the route of arrival in Ankara. Thus, we did not need to use our last service path. Good luck. Hayır
In order to prevent transportation in Bursa, rail systems, air and sea transportation projects, as well as new road opening and expansion, bridge and intersection production of the city traffic to the breath of the Metropolitan Municipality, the last knot on the way to Ankara Kestel Junction Ankara to the direction of Ankara traffic opened. The drivers who had to use the service road opened in the borders of Gürsu in the direction of Ankara had the opportunity to reach the city center without interruption. Asphalt paving works were completed in the morning on the way from Ankara to Kestel Junction which is projected within the scope of Bursaray Kestel Line construction. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, along with Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Gold and Rail Systems Department Head Eren Kural studied line studies. After the completion of the line work, the road was opened to traffic, and President Altepe greeted the drivers who wished to use the road for the first time.
What happens in the west will be in the east
In order to make Bursa a healthier, more livable and accessible city, Altepe stated that they were in a very intense place without separating any region from each other. Bursay Kestel Kestel Junction, which is projected in the line of the city's east side of the way that the vision of the Altepe, saying that a "won the east of the city if you have what we said." Within the scope of the studies, we tried to provide transportation with service routes. In this process, I apologize to our victims. But we've come to an end. We closed the last service road in the direction of Ankara road and opened the main road. Good luck to all our citizens. Tüm



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