BTK railway line will increase trade between Kazakhstan and Turkey

BTK railway line with Kazakhstan will increase trade between Turkey: Kazakhstan Ambassador Canseyit Tüymebayev, said he now 4 billion dollars of trade volume between the two countries, "these figures in the coming years, the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi will now 10-15 billion dollars after the operation of the railway line," he said .
`` Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan '' organized by Kazakh Turks Culture and Social Aid Association in Governor Ahmet Kayhan Teachers' House in Konya, Tuymebayev said that 28 Kazakh-Turkish high schools and 3 Kazakh-Turkish universities are active in Kazakhstan.
In these educational institutions established in the provincial centers, Tüymebayev stated that Turkish courses were given and emphasized that the two countries should always be together on good, bad days.
“After our independence that we got together after long centuries, 22 years have passed with our Turkish brothers. Kazakhstan's relations with Turkey within 22 years can be an example to the whole world, "said Ambassador Tüymebayev, he said:
"There is no problem with our political relations with Turkey. Our commercial and economic relations are also going very well. Turkey's economic and trade volume with Kazakhstan passed the $ 4 billion in today. This figure will exceed $ 10-15 billion after the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi Railway line becomes operational in the coming years. This $ 4 billion to $ 3 billion from Kazakhstan to Turkey comes. The remaining $ 1 billion iron, oil, gas, zinc, lead and wheat in Turkey is going to Kazakhstan. I invite our businessmen and brothers in Konya to work in Kazakhstan. Come to Kazakhstan, do business. We want to deepen our relations with Konya that are good in every field. I express my gratitude to all of you for participating in the Independence Day celebrations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ”
Konya Governor Muammer Erol also thanked the members of the Kazakh Culture and Social Assistance Association.
Underlining the fact that Tuymebayev has a very serious effort in returning to the collaborations of the events where the 22nd of Kazakhstan's national day is celebrated, Erol said, “Hopefully, our businessmen from Konya will undertake very good and good works with our Kazakh brothers with the efforts and encouragement of our ambassador.”
Traditional sweater clothes and various items used in daily life were exhibited at the event.
Mayor Tahir Akyürek and Meram Mayor Serdar Kalaycı participated in the program.

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