Bozüyük Logistics Village Project has decided to stop the consultation

The Council of State decided to suspend the Bozüyük Logistics Village Project: The 6th Department of the Council of State decided to stop the logistics center, which was in the 2012 investment plan in Bilecik's Bozüyük district and started construction in Gündüzbey location.
According to the information received, one of the owners of the area where the logistic center will be built, Imdat Guide, the expropriated area in Gündüzbey locality, the immovables decided to be expropriated urgently in the decision of the Council of Ministers were not clearly stated, the 370 thousand square meters of immovable property was expropriated as a whole, the places subject to expropriation were absolute He filed a lawsuit against the 6th Chamber of the Council of State, demanding the annulment of the decision of the Council of Ministers and a stay of execution, claiming that it has agricultural land and is currently under irrigated agriculture, there are many alternative places that can provide the same benefit in the existing area, and there is no "rush" to require the implementation of the urgent expropriation procedure.
In its decision regarding the case, the Council of State did not provide enough explanation on the reasons for the expropriation procedures for the immovable properties required within the scope of the Bozüyük Logistics Center Project included in the 2012 investment program, by applying the urgent expropriation procedure in accordance with Article 2942 of the expropriation law numbered 27, and a logistics center will be established. However, since the decision of the Council of Ministers did not reveal the emergency situations necessary for the implementation of the urgent expropriation procedure and the public interest intended for resorting to this method, it was of the opinion that there was no unlawfulness in the process in question.
The Council of State, for the reasons explained, 2577 numbered 27 / 2 of the provisions of the provisions of the clause realized together, the execution of the proceedings, the decision to stop the execution of the unanimous vote, he said.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:21

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