Bolunun Marmaray Project Has Been Realized

Bolunun Marmaray Project: Life of the AK Party Bolu Mayor Candidate Alaaddin Yilmaz, the prestige projects between the Culture Park and Underground Parking Project with the project is a great convenience for the pedestrian tunnel Bolulular, prest 30 can pass from the municipality square market per second un said.
Bolu Mayor Candidate and also the current Mayor Alaaddin Yılmaz, gave the good news of the end of the project in Kültür Park and Underground Parking Lots. Mayor Yilmaz, "Bolu Bazaar market, our citizens go through the pedestrian tunnel, in this cold weather as well as tireless and 30 seconds can reach the market place in a short time," he said.
Stating that the tunnel work started from the place where the stairs going down to Hal Street from the side of Bol-Aş has come to an end, Mayor Yılmaz said, “With the Culture Park and Underground Parking Project, the pedestrian tunnel within the project continues, although the construction continues. The vehicle tunnel that passes to the market place is still rough. If the weather conditions are favorable, citizens will be able to switch from the market place to the multi-storey car park in a short time like 10 days. "When the works are finished, everything will be good for Bolu and for the good of Bolu."
Yılmaz has pointed out that there are three entry and exit points for the Underground Carpark and pedestrian tunnels. In Bolu, citizens can go anywhere on foot. With the realization of this project, our citizens will be able to provide their transportation more comfortably. Since the day we took office, we have put many projects into the service of our citizens and then we will continue our service in every aspect birçok.
Emphasizing that the election work continues at full speed, Mayor Yilmaz said, lah I hope that today we will continue the election work on Stadium Street and in the market place Seçim.

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